You know how the story goes, two buddies talking about motorcycles…

Jason Markley simply asked Rodney Wills, “what will be your next bike?” Wills stated, “I’ve had this fascination with these Yamaha TW200’s for some time and I really want to give one of these bikes a try…

July 2017, Rodney and his friend both purchased TW200’s and the mission started! Within 6-months, they had a network of 16+ TW200 riders within the Southern California area. Their first “group ride” 20+ of these TW200’s come out and that is when the spark was initiated for the formation of the Yamaha TDUB Club and where the “ownership is membership” mantra is applied.

Primarily this page or “stream of consciousness” is solely dedicated to the TW200 as this is one of the longest running production dual sport bikes in the market, starting in 1987.  Wills simply started riding, writing and exploring: (Go to the very last page to start at the very beginning).

Also, Rodney has not been working (for someone else) in his “field of practice” in marketing since 2018 after leaving Axial Racing (2019 IMSA weekend), thus Wills started the Yamaha TDUB Club to stay current with social media platforms that are ever changing and to build this little brand. “And to keep to mentally sane,” states Rodney.

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The first post on the Yamaha TDUB Club Instagram page August 1, 2017:

Social Properties of Yamaha TDUB Club

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