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JNS Engineering LED Replacement Headlight and 3DUB200 LED Light Bar – TW200

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Before leaving for #TDUBFEST in Little Moab, Utah, I installed the 3DUB200 LED Light Bar to work with my JNS Engineering LED replacement headlamp. I’ve been using the JNS Engineering headlamp since day one, as I was one of the pre-purchasers of his initial offering when I first purchased my TW200. This is back before[ Full Article ]

Gaerne Oiled Balance Boots – Long Term Review – From A TDUB Mini Dual Sport Perspective

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Purchased the Gaerne Oiled Balance Boots back in 2017 and thought we would let you know how they have performed over 6-years and 10,000+ miles worth of TDUBBIN! Here is the original post: TW200 DIGI-CAMO MESH TDUB CLUB TRUCKER HATS


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Upon purchasing my Yamaha TW200 in July of 2017, and soon after my buddies purchased theirs, we immediately started looking at all the aftermarket mirrors available for our new-to-us mini dual-sport motorcycles! We were already season dual-sport enthusiasts, knowing this is typically one of the first changes you make. Typically, you want a fold-down type[ Full Article ]

TW200 Oil Change & Hailed On! Yamaha TDUB Club

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As I am about to put the newly converted to tubeless rear wheel on the TW200, it needs an oil change and I want to add Ride-On Tire Sealant & Balancer before I finish the install. Here is the HOW TO TUBELESS CONVERSION video:    • TW200 Tubeless Tire Conversion –  HOW…   ••• I performed my oil change at work as I am[ Full Article ]

HOW TO: TW200 Tubeless Conversion / I’m So Tired Of Flat Tires! Yamaha TDUB Club

Screen Shot 2023 07 20 at 10.59.51 PM copy

This video is a docu-tech of how I performed my tubeless conversion on the Yamaha TW200’s Bridgestone TW34 rear tire. THE LIST Things to collect for this project:• 3M Marine Adhesive Sealant Fast Cure 5200• 3M TALC Extreme Sealing Tape 4411N• K&L Supply Valve Stem – 8mm – Short Straight – Silver 325413• Ride-On Tire Sealant / Balancer• Tech Outdoors[ Full Article ]


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In my six years and 12,000-miles of Yamaha TW200 ownership, I’ve collected a total of three flat tires! My first flat was the front tire, the ol’ “Death Wing.” My second flat came on the rear during 2019 at roughly 5,000-miles. This third flat tire happened during the 2022 100th running of the Pikes Peak[ Full Article ]

Time To Replace Your Front Brake Disc Rotor 5XT-2582T-00 Yamaha TW200 – When & How

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When the Yamaha TW200 received an upgraded braking “system” for the 2001 year model, it came with mixed reviews as some love the old school front drum brake. Others rejoiced at the new-tech hydraulic disc brake upgrade, after a solid 14-years of a drum brake! BUT too, the bike only received the stopping power of[ Full Article ]

The Yamaha TW200 Battery – OEM Stock Specification / Maintenance & Aftermarket Replacement

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Your factory Yamaha TW200 battery should last you a great amount of time, but all depending on how well you maintain the battery. The longer you can keep your TDUB’s battery functioning properly, the less frequently you’ll need to replace it. Not to mention the frustration of hoping on and finding you have a dead[ Full Article ]

Why Use RIDE-ON Tire Balancer & Sealant For Your Yamaha TW200

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Let’s just say I’ve had my fair share of flat tires on my Yamaha TW200 riding experiences! The first flat tire came around the 3,000-mile mark and was on the front stock Bridgestone TW31. I wrote about the experience on the TW200 forum in the post: Commute to work & back over Saddleback Yamaha TW200[ Full Article ]

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