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The Making Of….

We dropped a video sneak peek a little while back, of us drawing up the ideas for this 196cc sticker sheet. Further down in the post, we show where the “yellow – blue” color combo came from for this design.

March 23rd, 2020, we dropped a little video-taste of what was to come! (shown above).

A day later, we dropped another video showing some more development. While that was happening, we also shared it with a fellow “creative – TDUBBER” Chuck Adame of Boiler Room Creative. We’ve had a long history of working together back in the TMRm’zine days and we are “family” so it’s just natural that I gave him an inside look on what I was working on. Anyhow…

IMG 1645 scaled

I sent him over my hand-drawn logo to work from.

rad one tdubclub logo 02

And Chuck quickly sends me this back over!
Then, I had to mentally wrestle with it a couple of days because it’s super awesome, but I said that all the TDUB Club art would be hand-drawn.

I use to do graphics as that is what I went to college for and have had a long career doing graphics on the computer, so it has been a conscious choice to make everything thus far, hand-drawn. But Chuck’s graphic interpretation is so awesome! I wanted to use it!!! HECK! He spent the time to do it! So, I guess the point of all this is that it’s ok because it came from my hand-drawn sketch and Chuck did the graphic work.

While all that is happening… I’m also flipping text images to my man Will aka TheTacoSlayers of MattoxDesigns. Mattox Designs is who prints our stickers! Hint hint – wink-wink… If your into R/C, you may have seen

But seriously thou’, go check out The Taco Slayers as he is knocking down 1000 days of tacos! Over 239 days and counting….tacos and hiking! SEE HIS YOUTUBE VIDEOS AND PLEASE TELL HIM THE TDUB CLUB SENT YA!

IMG 1832 scaled

Since Chuck is doing the tight graphic version, I go back to my sketch and redraw it with a more “sketched” feel so it has a looser “look” to offset the graphic version. Then I send it over to Will / Mattox Designs.

Screen Shot 2020 04 17 at 4.39.18 PM

Will sends me these options back over, we tried a couple of other colors, but in the end, I wanted a more “black & white” feel. So that’s what we arrived at, but with just a “smackerel” of grey in the background to tone it down just a bit and to take the starkness out of it. Everything goes with gray, so put it on whatever background color you like!

We did use the Blue / light-blue and yellow combination, by why?

genealogy photo11 1

Lets call the blue-blue-yellow color combo a little nod of homage to Yamaha’s XT600 Ténéré Series. Here is some history on all that:

Screen Shot 2020 04 18 at 6.22.45 PM
Screen Shot 2020 04 18 at 6.23.17 PM

Aside from the blue / yellow color combo, are you also seeing what we are seeing? Yea, that’s our TW200 exhaust guard! The engine side base also looks very similar, but they are not, these are the ’90’s XT600’s but the XT-series was originally released in 1975’s as XT500’s. BUT WE FAMILY!!!! Go back and hit that link as there is some history here!


2016 YAMAHA TW200

Yes, the TW200 posses a very simple 196cc 4-stroke mini dual-sport motorcycle engine. The “cc” is the size of the engine’s cylinder volume measured in cubic centimeters.

Engine: air-cooled SOHC 4-stroke – 2 valves
Capacity: 196cc / 11.96 cubic inch
Bore x Stroke: 67.0mm x 55.7mm
Compression Ratio: 9.5:1
Power: 16 Hp
Max Power: 16Hp / 11.7kW @ 8,000 rpm
Max Torque: 15 Nm / 11.1 ib-ft @ 7,000 rpm

You can measure engine “cc’s” it by volume calculation, area of the piston (pi x radius squared) x stroke x number of cylinders, but that’s too much calculator work.

Better go pull that Kraftwerk Pocket Calculator track out for such computations.

This video, 4-Stroke Engine Working Animation illustrates the workings of a 4-stroke engine, with all the four strokes explained. Also at the end of the video a full-speed or real-time animation at 5000RPM!!!


This See Through Engine at 4K Slow Motion is pretty WILD!!!


Here is some more reading directly from Yamaha’s 2stroke / 4stroke
Revs Your Heart – Explore the world of Yamaha motorcycles Series:

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