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Upon purchasing my Yamaha TW200 in July of 2017, and soon after my buddies purchased theirs, we immediately started looking at all the aftermarket mirrors available for our new-to-us mini dual-sport motorcycles! We were already season dual-sport enthusiasts, knowing this is typically one of the first changes you make. Typically, you want a fold-down type mirror that will not get smacked off the bike while riding in the woods after your street commute to such fun riding. You want to remain legal on the way home, stop in civilization for more gas, and be civilized while stopping at a restaurant. And as we all know, the TW200 is slow and low, so we need to watch our backs at all times while on the tarmac where cars are.

We noticed many TW200 aftermarket mirrors change possibilities for the TDUB via all the online social channels. But while scouting all the TW200 owners, we noticed everyone’s mirrors seemed to remain stock!
Why is this such a thing? Vogue, simplicity, practicality… why does everyone continue to run the stock mirrors on their Yamaha TW200s?

IMG 7807 scaled

Whatever the reason, we carried on with it “being a thing!” Call us the “TDUB FASHIONISTAS!”
To do so, don’t over-tighten the stock mirrors so tight that the first limb or bush they encounter breaks the mirror off! You will find it takes a little effort with the way the mirror locking nut works, as the top nut is threaded backward from the bottom, but once you sort it out, it is very easy to use the mirrors. Occasionally, with minor mirror-to-tree limb combat, you will need to pivot the mirror arm back in place, but at least you did not break it off! My mirrors are a bit battered!

Limb-Risers OVERLAND EXPO 2014 Prescott Arizona
Limb Risers on a Land Rover. Why didn’t I think about this growing up in the South?! Limb Risers could have been very useful! But that’s funny to think about me putting limb risers on my dad’s ’56 Chevy wood-cutting truck.

Like limb risers on an overland rig, my mirrors catch a lot of limbs, brush, shrubs, and such! And somehow, they’ve remained intact and functional! They’ve grown on me! They are a part of the TW200 look! And while other dualsporters may look at us and think, “Hey look, a stock – noob!” Then, it is better for them to think of us as such!

Will we progress into aftermarket mirrors, or will we remain traditionalist with the factory stockers?


The Yamaha TW200 has been in production for 30+ years, and the stock Yamaha factory mirrors are the dominant mirror you see on all our TW200s! Just look at all those mini dual-sport enthusiasts and look at all those stock mirrors! Maybe the trend will continue, or will we find the perfect aftermarket fold-down mirror for our TDUBS? Grant it, just out of sheer numbers, practicality, and the fact they are relatively cheap, the stock mirrors have remained dominant.

Yes, there are cheaper choices, but they are cheaper in quality. Yes, there are more expensive choices, mainly offering “fold-down-ability!” Below, we highlight only the supposed higher-end options. I am not a big fan or supporter of low-end, cheap options. However, if you are in a pinch and need a quick replacement, I understand a quick stop at PepBoys, AutoZone, O’Reilly’s, or even your local moto shop for a cheap-quick replacement to get you home from a rowdy dirt session.

Screen Shot 2019 12 01 at 8.59.10 PM

All this means nothing if your TW200 doesn’t have a license plate and you get to ride in the woods all day! But out here in California, especially southern California, we are on the streets quite a bit on the TW200’s either commuting to work or tarmacking it to the trails, in true dualsport fashion! We can not “ROLL DIRTY!” 5-OH will have you reciting Public Enemy’s Bring The Noise lyrics! Rolling “legit” allows us access!

Stock Yamaha TW200 Mirrors

Screen Shot 2019 12 01 at 7.11.25 PM

13 – Back Mirror Assy (L.H) 5Y1-26290-10-00
14 – Back Mirror Assy (R.H) 3Y1-26290-00-00

Note: Yamaha uses a 10mmx1.25mm thread for mounting the factory mirrors.

But, if the stock Yamaha TW200 mirrors fall out of fashion, what will replace them?


ace 19 lef han rea vie mir

On my old Honda XR400 & ATK 605DS, I used these more enduro-spec ACERBIS folding mirrors. These are not so great on the highway, but they will tick off the legal box.


Screen Shot 2019 12 01 at 8.21.01 PM

But what seems to be the “cat meow” these days in the adventure, enduro, and trail bike sectors are the options from Double Take Mirror:


Screen Shot 2019 12 01 at 8.40.40 PM

Because KTM has been so prolific within the dualsport motorcycle scene, these have an assortment of sizes and lengths, as shown on Moto Science’s page: They are also on Amazon, so take a look there for each fitment.


01 040 0771 0 i 04

Another biggie in the adventure scene is Touratech, and they too have folding mirrors that may work, but I did not sort the mounting details, so please read their details carefully:


But here I am, rocking stock since the TDUB came into my possession and expressing an opinion!

2016 YAMAHA TW200


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