TDUB GAMES at TDUBFEST, SlowDub Drags, 1Up & 2Up Circle Of Doom + Hill Climb Saturday – Yamaha TDUB Club

Saturday, ( September 16, 2023) Day 2 of TDUBFEST, held at Little Moab, Utah, started with the Rocky Mountain ATV/MC crew arriving aboard their TW200s! RMATVMC is in nearby Payson, Utah, so the crew road their TDUBS from the office to the event!

The first event was the SlowDub Drags, where all the riders lined up and had to go as absolutely slow as possible over about 50 yards. The winner was the last person to cross the line, and Dustin of Dual Dorks showed he has the “creepability” and won the challenge!

The second challenge was the 1Up Circle Of Doom, where all the riders started riding in a large circle. The spectators on the outside would step in a foot after a full rotation of the group. If a rider has to put a foot down or a “dab, ” that rider is out. Also, if a fellow rider reaches over and tags you while riding, that person is out. If I remember correctly, Dustin of Dual Dorks also won this competition!

Then the Rocky Mountain ATV/MC guys started the 2Up Circle Of Doom, same rules, but with two people on each bike. This was the most fun to watch!

We then all headed over for the Hill Climb event! Again, Dustin of Dual Dorks cleaned house, but I came a very close second! No one made it to the top with a “dab” but Travis of Every Single Sunday, riding my TDUB, made it all the way to the very top! After the Hill Climb, we went over to the rocks that are the “Little Moab” rocks and did another skills challenge, no competition, just for fun. But by this time, most people were ready to go ride. Including myself!

Next video with the second half of Saturday’s trail scouting – riding.


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