Thursday, September 14th, 2023, would be my first day at TDUBFEST. I started my trip to TDUBFEST (Little Moab, Utah) from Colorado Springs, Colorado, on Tuesday, the week of the event, and that was documented here:  

I had a company to visit before the event in nearby Provo, Utah. I had enough time left over and called my boss to phone Cruiser Outfitters as I discovered I was only 36 miles away from their location in Murray, Utah! With my visit to Cruiser Outfitters finished, I started making my way back toward Provo, but I went towards the west side, the less populated side of Utah Lake, as that would set me up to drop down into Little Moab.

Lightning over TDUBFEST Wednesday Night 2023

My initial approach would have been to go in on the southwest side of Little Moab, but with my route plans altered with additional stops, I adapted my route. As I approached Little Moab, I could see the clouds building over the desert floor of Little Moab. With fingers flickering across Google Maps, I found an area that would put me up and out of the storm’s path for the evening. I discovered a great view on the hillside from my Helinox Chair-1 of the electrical activity brewing across the desert floor below.

Subaru Outback ADVOTBK TDUBFEST 2023 - THURSDAY - TW200

This video starts on Thursday morning as I head down to Little Moab to discover my route would have to be altered and adapted again. But this is all in good fun of finding my more “remote” route to TDUBFEST and reflects my style of trying to find the most dirt way possible to a chosen location, although this time, I was not attempting to find the most dirt way possible. It just happened as such.

Subaru Outback ADVOTBK TDUBFEST 2023 - THURSDAY - TW200

Crustry, muddy, rock-littered dirt roads like these are why I love my Falken Wild Peak A/T Trail tires on the 2003 Subaru Outback! Upon arriving at Little Moab, Utah, the Mobstreet83 prescribed location of TDUBFEST, I found a little campsite area that I intentionally thought would only be for the night but would wind up staying in the exact location for the weekend! Yes, I liked my campsite chosen and will most likely use this location again next year!

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