Part 2 of Friday’s continuation picks up from the “Yellow Tracktor” mine, off to lunch at B’s Hangout back down the hill into Eureka, Utah. After lunch, we rode out to the Tintic Railroad Tunnel and led the small TDUBBERZ crew back to camp. Several groups were out riding; this was just the small group with us after lunch.

Once we got the group back to camp, Dustin of Dual Dorks and I remounted our TW200s and headed out for another exploratory ride, looking for more trails. We found a few fun routes in Old State Hwy 73 that are all dirt and the other trail that we call the “high line” as it parallels the HWY-73. This ‘high-line” is such a fun route with all the dips, twists, and turns. We also explored all the side trials off of here, not to pass up any additional good riding! Simply put, WE HAD A BLAST!



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