For all of you who have supported the TW200 TDUB CLUB with a previous patch purchase, I have a little contest for you!

factory effex yamaha soft shell jacket navy rollover


Let’s just say that I have a very nice jacket that I ordered and it runs rather large! I ordered a size Large and it fits me like an XL! So, instead of packing it back up, sending it back, I thought… let’s do a TDUB CLUB contest!


The TDUB Club is doing its first contest and is very limited to who can participate as it requires two items:
1: – be a size *XL**
2: – own a TDUB Club Patch.
3: Create a video no shorter than 15-seconds and no longer than 1-minute.
4: Must visually see the TDUB Club patch in video for at least 5-seconds.
5: Post video on Instagram by November 25th, 2019 6am PST.
6: Must use “#TDUBfactoryFX” in your description. I will use this to find your video’s!
7: Please tag “Yamaha TDUB CLUB” to your video as well.


Use your TW200 TDUB Club Patch and make a creative video, no longer than 1-minute and no shorter than 15-seconds and include a clip of your TDUB Club patch for at least 5-seconds. Be creative as we just want to see what you can creatively come up with. Also, we will use all the clips and create a video using all the clips to repost on the TDUB Club social channels.


Must post your video by November 25th, 2019 6am PST.


Don’t let your work flop around lost in outer space! “Hash & Tag us!”
Hashtag: We will use the hashtag #TDUBfactoryFX to search all your videos on that Monday Nov 25th.
TAG US! If you don’t mind, tag us too! Hopefully, you know who we are…


But yea, this is the USA, land of the RRS – Rules & Regulations Society. So yea, I will limit this to the lower 48-states of the United States as I do not want to pay for shipping that requires sailing a boat or flying a hopper plane, so yea, lower 48-states only, please.

*You can be any other size, but the jacket will either engulf you like the Pacific Ocean making you look like “turtle-turtle” or will fit you like a BodyGlove swimsuit in an 80’s pin-up poster. Your call… But yea, you will need the TDUB Club patch as well to complete the task. Or, know how to creatively scan our previous clips to make use of.

Homer Simpson SimpsonsJob nuclear plant safety inspector 1

OH YEA, INSTAGRAM IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS CONTEST! Nor is FactoryFX! OK, Nor is Yamaha Motor Corp as their name is also on the jacket. Yes, that is the legal part. Since we are releasing liability, add us, The Yamaha TW200 TDUB Club too. You are liable to do something stupid that hurts, so don’t even think about it! You are you, you are a human, you are liable for yourself, with your own brain. Don’t borrow Homer Simpson’s brain and then tell us you were not in your right mind! We’ve seen that episode! You ride a motorcycle for good grief sakes – you are your own human singular being! Don’t give us that possed by Aliens crap either! You have no proof! Even if you do, your tinfoil is slipping out from under your helmet visor and your mullet is telling on you. Speaking of mullet’s, I can’t help to think of my buddy Ed Santos when I hear/say mullet…
R.I.P. Ed “ROCK Da’Mullet” Santos, a very dear friend of mine:

IMG 20190624 144705 01

But, if your that guy, ITS TACTICAL has a patch for you:

Hold My Sombrero 01

IN ALL SERIOUSNESS: You and only you are holding the controls, thus you are in control. So with that, “ride invisible!” MEANING, people in cars DO NOT SEE YOU, so do not pretend they see you! The moment you give them the “OK, they see me” is the moment they pull out in front of you! ALWAYS BE ON GUARD FOR YOUR SELF! BE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOURSELF! SAVE YOURSELF! We all have to work, so don’t hurt yourself.

Check your motorcycle’s tire pressure and tread depth, hand and foot brakes, headlights and signal indicators, and fluid levels before you ride. You should also check under the motorcycle for signs of oil or gas leaks. If you’re carrying cargo, you should secure and balance the load on the cycle; and adjust the suspension and tire pressure to accommodate the extra weight. If you’re carrying a passenger, he or she should mount the motorcycle only after the engine has started; should sit as far forward as possible, directly behind you; and should keep both feet on the foot rests at all times, even when the motorcycle is stopped. Remind your passenger to keep his or her legs and feet away from the muffler. Tell your passenger to hold on firmly to your waist, hips, or belt; keep movement to a minimum, and lean at the same time and in the same direction as you do. Do not let your passenger dismount the motorcycle until you say it is safe.

yamaha tdub club

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