TDUB REPORT DEC2020 TDUB CLUB TW200 Vids, Meets, Parts, DAKAR, Tees, Alva, Pastrana, PitBikes, Rally & Swatch!

December 2020! WOW! What a wacky crazy year it’s been! One for the record books for sure! It’s all history and behind us and we will carry on TDUBBIN! BUT…


Now I’m not going to discuss politics here, simply HEALTH! But with this, the COVID-19 splintering into a new strain, and a second strain that is even more contagious! This is serious! According to Jack Denton of MarketWatch, “This is the second mutant version of coronavirus announced by the British government in a week, following Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s announcement on Saturday that a new, 70% more contagious variant was behind a recent spike in COVID-19 cases.”

All I ask is that you be safe as you can, because if you get sick, you are not able to ride! We know a lot of you are working, and we thank you for your service especially for those of you in the food – water – shelter – Heating & Cooling – Sewage Treatment, Gas/Electrical municipalities and the Internet Providers!

Hopefully you saw our first TDUB REPORT in November called:
THE TDUB REPORT – YOUTUBE SUBSCRIPTIONS – NOV 14th 2020 – Yamaha TDUB Club for TW200 Enthusiast Where we covered some videos from our Subscriptions within YouTube.


In this December episode of the TDUB CLUB REPORT, we will cover some more noted videos from YouTube, Upcoming Ride-Meets, (of which I hope to make it to a couple of), Some TW200 parts and extra fluff like DAKAR RALLY, The History of T-Shirts, Tony Alva, Travis Pastrana, Pit Bike Racing, Rally and Swatch Watches! Yes, we are going to talk about a particular Swatch watch!

But first, a couple of Yamaha TW200’s that are worthy of a special mention!


Jake Gould.SideCarFrontQ

1] Jake Gould – SideCar TDUB


Bruce Brenizer of Atlanta and his “Vectoria”. His first TW was 14 years ago and it was totally stock. Bruce had a few bikes, mostly sport touring (FZ1, FJR130). But he had been without a bike for 3-4 years when he saw a totally modified TW200 and my mind got wrapped around the idea of doing his own! Bruce retired early in 2018 and bought this bike nearly stock 2013 TW200 in the fall of 2019 and went to work. Bruce finished it January of this year and dubbed it “Vectoria!”


2] Aviator Wild uploaded Yamaha TW200: World’s Awesomest Motorcycle?
Oct 21, 2011 and has received 820,229 views! He ask’s, “is thew Yamaha TW200 the world’s most awesome motorcycle?!” And his video opens with him simply having a lot of fun creeping up through creeks and crossing over them as well! I typically don’t like video’s that are made from still photos, but this video was made 9-years ago and they are some nice photos!

3] KLNRGJ01 uploaded George on the TW on Jun 13, 2011! That’s nine years ago! This guy probably has as many TW200 videos as TDUBSkid, if not more! So I counted! 387 video’s with 98.999% of them TW200 content! But yea! This dog is thoroughly enjoying his ride!!! I scrolled all the way back through all 387 video’s and found a couple of them where the dog is riding on the back of his TW200! AWESOME!

4] Vaquero Kid uploaded this video called “TW200 Trip Moab 2018” and it’s just jaw-dropping gorgeous and just makes you want to go to Moab! My first trip to Moab was in 2007 and was a moto trip. I was hopping that TillDeathDualUsSport and I would be going earlier this year, but yea, that all got put on hold. So, I will just keep watching this Vaquero Kid video!

5] Leisure Time Larry “Do you have any space blankets with you?” – Ridge ride Part 5 Leisure Time Larry and his buddy riding in the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest of Washington state! He said they started off in above 50-degree weather down below, hence the jeans… But you know how that goes when the going goes up into the white! They are obviously have a great time and this simply looks FUN!!!

6] KFR43 – With a name like that, I have to think it stands for Kenny Frikkin’ Roberts with the “43” being 3 minus The Doctors signature “46” Yes, The Doctor! Mr. Valentio Rossi. But there is this Keith Flach Racing No.43 who pilots a dirt track car… But this TW200 rider is of Asian decent, so I am going with my first choice that he has to be a Valentino-Roberts Fan!!! It’s a TW200 going sideways ya’ll!!!
Yamaha TW200 dirt track race helmet-cam view

7] Smightification uploaded “Studded tires on ice! Modified Yamaha TW200” back on Feb 2, 2016. Pretty wild to see a TDUB on ice and he made his own studded tires.
How he made his own studded tires:

8] TDubsKid on Dec 9, 2020 uploaded TW200 MotoCamping Below Freezing | Trying Out some New Heated Gear Love checking out TDubsKid and especially when he is going motocamping! He tried out some battery-powered socks and such and shared his whole trip with is! Alway good stuff!


9] Back on Apr 25, 2015 Shane Donogh uploaded: “Yamaha TW200 Trail Ride – Spring in the PNW” – This video simply makes you want to experience riding in the Pacific-North-West! I’m sure there are times when this whole area is covered in snow and is unrideable. But, the moments like this, and the terrain shown in this video, it simply looks seriously fun!


To find more details about these events, first you have to join the Yamaha TW200 World Facebook Group Page. This page is private so yea…

JAN 2, 2021 AT 8 AM CST Polar Bear Ride 2021in Canton, OH

APR 23, 2021 GATHERING OF THE GOATS 2 in Elk Park, NC

JUNE 5, 2021 TW200 Takeover @ Windrock Park in Oliver Springs, TN

JUNE 17, 2021 2021 Touratech Rally West in Plain, Washington


October 2-3 2021 – Perry Mountain Tower Run in Stanton, Alabama

OCT 15, 2021 GATHERING OF THE GOATS 3 in Elk Park, NC

*SEPT: Who wants to come ride with Mobstreet 83 and myself in Central UTAH? The date has yet to be decided, But NOT the Labor Day Weekend which is the 4-6th, the first weekend. Yes, I am looking at making the 30-hours 1,850-mile trip to the middle of Utah! So let’s start the planning! We will post an event on both the Yamaha TDUB Club Facebook page as well as the Yamaha TW200 World Page. What will the event be called? Labor of TDUB? *MOB UTAH TDC – I don’t know, Matt and I have not gotten that far! But we want to do it as there is SO MUCH GREAT RIDING OUT HIS WAY! We have a place where everyone can camp, RV’s and all. I will be in the one camping in a tent! We have three possible weekends in September (10-12) or (17-19) or (24-26). Facebook Poll coming soon!


Moto Mule – Yamaha TW200 Cargo Rack and Soft Luggage Side Support – Features and Install • Need a Cargo Rack or Soft Luggage side supports for your Tdub? Here’s an option for you! A great option to keep your soft luggage from melting against the exhaust or getting sucked into the tire.
Link to Purchase these racks:

3DUB200 on Instagram makes Reliable 3D printed parts for the worlds most reliable bike! These 3D printed parts are made from carbon fiber reinforced polycarbonate for  their light-weighted properties and it’s excellent impact properties.


Yamaha TW200 Rocker Switch Mount Panel, 3 Sizes, (Switches Optional)

RicheyArnold Switch System.Digital

Yamaha TW200 12v USB / Voltmeter / Rocker Switch Mount Panel, 4 Sizes, No outlet:


Alloy Boltz Polished Stainless Steel Engine Bolt Kit for Yamaha TW200

Waterloo SpecialtiesNEW replacement CDI for Yamaha TW200
CDI’s are US made by us with US and Japan made parts. They use a
microprocessor and have the same advance curve as OEM but max
advance is changed from 30° to 31° plus has rev limiter set at 9500,
and a ground pulse out wire for the electronic tachometer.

19] Chain Mystery Debunked: Cleaning & Lubing with FortNine

FORTNINE – Which Chain Cleaner Is Best? Comparison Test – Fortnine simply delivers top notch production and very analytical information!

Never Buy Chain Lube Again? Comparison Test

Who is FortNine?

We’ve all seen the awesome video, “Crossing Canada’s Only Desert on a Yamaha TW200 – 2018 Review” but too, I wanted to know more about this FortNine dude. I simply went to the ABOUT section on the YouTube page:

Description: “We create motorcycle content with a rare twist: honesty. Expect travel documentaries, motovlogs, gear reviews, motorcycle reviews, crash tests and more. The engine behind our channel is Canada’s largest online powersport retailer gives us the freedom we need to produce legitimate reviews. We are not indebted to the manufacturers we cover, and that means we don’t have to pull any punches!”

“We?” We who? We only see one of you…

When you peep the FortNine instagram page, their is a link in there that sheds some light on who “we” is.

About FortNine: We provide Canadian riders with the gear they need.

FortNine is an online store for motorcycle gear and motorcycle accessories in Canada. Our goal is to service Canadian riders with the most extensive selection including Motorcycle Helmets, Rider Apparel, Tires, Parts, Dirt Bike Gear, Snowmobile Clothing and ATV Accessories.

What does the FortNine stand for? Of course there is a video to explain that!

DAKAR 2021 - Monster Energy Yamaha Rally Official Team Welcome Andrew Short and Ross Branch

DAKAR 2021 IS ABOUT TO START! January 3rd – 15th, 2021! Monster Energy Yamaha Rally Official Team Welcome Andrew Short and Ross Branch! January 3rd – 15th, 2021! Monster Energy Yamaha Rally Official Team has added American Andrew Short and Botswana’s Ross Branch to round out their Dakar factory effort to 5-riders; with Adrien van Beveren, Franco Caimi and Jamie McCanney!


So a funny thing happened inside of one week rather randomly… While doing some research on “t-shirts” I came across a blog post written on the History of T-shirts. One particular part that the author Will Harris wrote that really caught my attention…

“Though the t-shirt was created in the early 20th century, it was rare to see it worn as anything other than an undershirt. It wasn’t uncommon to see veterans wearing a t-shirt tucked into their trousers post-World War II, but outside of that, t-shirts were almost exclusively used underneath “proper” clothes.

In 1950, Marlon Brando famously donned a white t-shirt as Stanley Kowalski in A Streetcar Named Desire, only to be followed by James Dean in 1955’s Rebel Without a Cause. Thanks to these two founding fathers, the popularity of the t-shirt as a stand-alone outerwear garment skyrocketed.”

OK, so maybe you may have already known that Marlon Brando was the OG King Of T-Shirts. I’m just stashing away mental notes…

But this next ‘king of cool” was my OG king of cool when I got into skateboarding back in 1977 – HERE IN ALABAMA! TONY ALVA!

Within the same week of reading the “History Of The T-Shirt” Blog, I came across The Tony Alva Story | Jeff Grosso’s Loveletters to Skateboarding | Skate | VANS. This was a double-cool tribute from Van’s as Jeff Grosso passed March 31, 2020. We had just gone into the quarantine and the news spread fast of his passing as we lived in the same neighborhood of Costa Mesa, California. Van’s headquarters is right next door in Santa Ana, California.

I’ve been a Tony Alva fan since ’77, started wearing Van’s in 77 too! Got laughed at the first time I wore them to school too! But I knew I belonged to something much cooler than anything happening at my rural school in Sycamore, Alabama! Back then we only had magazines and they were a large part of why I went west!

ALVA Skate T-Shirt 1970's

The video reminded me of one of my original favorite t-shirts that I wore A LOT! Yes, I still own this t-shirt from the 70’s! I would go on to work in the snow-skate-surf industry for 10-years as a t-shirt and fabric print artist.

While we are on the subject of cool cats… I love mini-bikes, it’s how I got to the TW200, and I like how Travis Pastrana rocks the mini’s! There was a time when pro’s would practice a lot on the minis!

Pastranaland Pit Bike Championship 2020

Another side note, I have a little history with Pastrana myself.


You obviously know that is Travis Pastrana over on the right… Rally cars…

Travis Pastrana at Phil Price Rally School - 2001

When Travis Pastrana became interested in pursuing Rallying, I was actually in the UK during his first ever test with ProDrive.


Who is ProDrive? ProDrive is a British motorsport and advanced engineering group based in England. They design, constructs and races cars for companies and teams such as Aston Martin, Mini and Volkswagen. But back then, they were the team behind SUBARU’s Rally Effort! This story could go on for days, but it has nothing to do with TW200’s… Just go watch the Pastranaland Pit Bike Championship 2020. yea, we are not even thinking about riding our TW200 as such! It’s just food for thought… Want to push your skills? Don’t get a bigger bike!


But back to that first photo, who are those shady characters on the left? In the black t-shirt is my man Scott G. He and I got together during my TMRm’zine days due to rally cars and we’ve become lifelong friends ever since! After he and I went to the UK together, we came back and started our little crew of rally enthusiast called the GRAVEL CREW! And you may have saw his TDUB cameo in this video clip post on our Instagram post: Behind him is my man Martti Silvola, also a Gravel Crew member, speaks fluent Finnish and knows how to sling a rally car around along with all kinds of heavy equipment! Flanking Scott G. is Travis Brock, yes the Travis Brock of Every Single Sunday! Sir Brock also knows a thing or two about four wheels!

Ok, that’s enough for now… I have stories for days!!!


Did you know that Yamaha and Swatch did a little something together along time ago? Maybe it was just Yamaha lending their name to Swatch as there is very little to “zero” backstory about this “relationship.”

This is a 1985 Spring / Summer Collection Classic Swatch watch called the Yamaha Racer GJ700. This rare watch has a day and date function on it. The case width is 34.00mm and the case height is 39.20mm. The thickness of the case is 8.75mm. The reference number is GJ700F. But the big question is, how did this all come about? And there was PROTOTYPE TOO!

Screen Shot 2020 12 15 at 12.43.41 AM

Are you down with the bLUcrew? Check out the YamaFandom Gear Page! Officially Licensed Yamaha Gear! Support TDUB CLUB with your purchase via the YamaFandom Gear Page!


I leave you with this… not to like or dislike, but from a pure curiosity level. Curiosity itself is ‘adventure!” This video is an adventure of “sound.” YAMAHA is also a music company…

Everyone has their perception of what is good music, but the point I am trying to push is the exploratory adventure in “finding” and or creating…
be it sound or ANYTHING!

Adventure is Life – (or) – LIFE is ADVENTURE?!

All choices are yours!


Good, bad or otherwise, the energy we bring to any situation is who we are.

– – – >< – – –

Thank you all for bringing good cheer to the Yamaha TDUB Club!

-Rodney Wills / Yamaha TDUB Club

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