Yes, the Yamaha TDUB Club has relocated from California to Alabama and will be doing a lot of riding in the Talladega National Forest! Who’s excited for cooler riding weather? Lets give you the deets on topics talked about in this video, starting with HIPPO HANDS – perfect for winter riding on your TW200! Or any dual sport as far as that matters!

• HIPPO HANDS Get 15% OFF on the BACKCOUNTRY model with the discount code: FALL20BC15

• ADVMOTO MAGAZINE – Check these guys out:

•’s 128-color magazine coming soon:
Seriously, there is not a lot of info here, but hopefully you know this site already! If not, spend some time going through the forum topics and yes there is a TW200 thread:
Also, I will be spending time within this thread on “Talladega National Forest”

• YAMAHA TDUB CLUB – ALL BLOGS • The Many Uses of Fels-Naptha!

• VIDEO’s TO DO – Any particular non-riding TW200 subjects you would like to see covered?

• Yamaha TW200 WORLD Facebook Group Page: See Events Tab there for the TW Rally!! FRI, OCT 16 – OCT 18 in Elk Park North Carolina.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • MY NEW PLAYGROUND • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

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