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GPS Kit App For iPhone – How To Download and Navigate / GPS Route Tracking


WHY I USE GPS KIT FOR IPHONE For my navigational needs I use GPS Kit created by Garafa, LLC. Be it tracking a route or backtracking my way out of a confusing location and or finding my way through the dead of night! This GPS Kit app is only available for iPhone users, and I[ Full Article ]

Man Racks Front Rack for Yamaha TW200

YT Thumbnail

For some reason when you type “Man Racks TW200” into Google, their page does not always come up. I started getting questions about finding the URL and started saving a tab on my phone so I could quickly past the direct URL into my messages to Yamaha TW200 owners. So here is a DIRECT LINK[ Full Article ]

Speed Blocks – Yamaha’s Digital Signature (visual DNA) Of Speed – Molly Designs

Screen Shot 2020 04 14 at 3.08.31 PM

The graphic visual language Yamaha fans recognize around the world We can all thank the late Rollin “Molly” Sanders of Molly Designs as he was the creator of the “Digi-lined” “speed blocks” for Yamaha’s racing efforts. He did way more than just the “Digi-line” as he was the one who put the “L” in the[ Full Article ]

Saddlebag Directory for your TW200 – the soft kind.


*Saddlebags have been in use since the dawn of traveling on horses making a natural fit for motorcycles! Our motorcycles are very similar to a horse, and ours are more donkeys! Either way, saddlebags simply work! Moto camping, commuting to work, grocery shopping, whatever the excuse needed, saddlebags have been in use for a very[ Full Article ]



Why do you want a CycleRacks Rear Rack? I can not tell you why you want a CycleRacks rear rack for your TW200. I can only give you my reasons why, as I too was in your undecisive shoes! Maybe you’re racking your brain sorting through the wide range of available options with very little[ Full Article ]



THE 196cc.V1 – TDUB CLUB STICKER SHEET The Making Of…. We dropped a video sneak peek a little while back, of us drawing up the ideas for this 196cc sticker sheet. Further down in the post, we show where the “yellow – blue” color combo came from for this design. March 23rd, 2020, we dropped[ Full Article ]

Upgrade your TW200 SEAT!

SeatDuJour scaled 1

Aside from handgrips and footpegs, the third part of contact and control of your motorcycle is the seat! We discussed the key points of contact/control or ergonomics briefly in our Aftermarket Accessories video/blog post. Seats are not just for your bum-butt-bootiemaximus to rest on, it is an integral point of control, thus the seat falls[ Full Article ]

Gear Ratio Chart: GO FASTer or Creep SLOWer – TW200


Go faster or have more low-end torque for your TW200 – All with gearing! BASELINE First, let’s establish the base. The Yamaha TW200 comes stock with a 14-tooth front countershaft sprocket and a 50-tooth rear sprocket. According to the gear ratio chart above, that net’s us a gear ratio of 3.57. With the stock “14/50[ Full Article ]

Motorcycle Tool Roll Contents Shown – Yamaha TDUB Club


BELOW IS MY LIST OF WHAT I CARRY & WHAT I WANT TO ADD Please comment below on what I am missing and should add! This list of tools is a collection of tools over several bikes, but I should actually make a TW200 specific kit that is only used for this bike. But too,[ Full Article ]

The Many Faces of the Yamaha TW200


The Yamaha TW200 was introduced in 1987 and as of April 2020, the 196cc street-legal dual-sport motorcycle is still in production and still made in Japan! With 33-years of a relatively unchanged platform, the uniquely fitted fat-tired motorcycle has developed a bit of cult-like following around the world. With that, the Yamaha TW200 has also[ Full Article ]

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