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Gaerne Oiled Balance Boots – Long Term Review – From A TDUB Mini Dual Sport Perspective

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Purchased the Gaerne Oiled Balance Boots back in 2017 and thought we would let you know how they have performed over 6-years and 10,000+ miles worth of TDUBBIN! Here is the original post: https://www.tdubclub.com/2020/04/05/tw200-gaerne-oiled-balance-boots-yamaha-tdub-club/ TW200 DIGI-CAMO MESH TDUB CLUB TRUCKER HATS


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Upon purchasing my Yamaha TW200 in July of 2017, and soon after my buddies purchased theirs, we immediately started looking at all the aftermarket mirrors available for our new-to-us mini dual-sport motorcycles! We were already season dual-sport enthusiasts, knowing this is typically one of the first changes you make. Typically, you want a fold-down type[ Full Article ]

TW200 Oil Change & Hailed On! Yamaha TDUB Club

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As I am about to put the newly converted to tubeless rear wheel on the TW200, it needs an oil change and I want to add Ride-On Tire Sealant & Balancer before I finish the install. Here is the HOW TO TUBELESS CONVERSION video:    • TW200 Tubeless Tire Conversion –  HOW…   ••• I performed my oil change at work as I am[ Full Article ]

What’s The Inspiration For These Dual Sport-Style Motorcycles In Animated Media?

Inspiration For These Dual Sport Style Motorcycles In Animated Media

While searching around the “WWW” I came across this article called “What’s The Inspiration For These Dual Sport-Style Motorcycles In Animated Media?” written by Steve DaSilva for jalopnik.com It caught my curiosity and clicked the headline. What I found was a cool story about how Steve feels that the Yamaha TW200 is the leading inspiration[ Full Article ]

HAPPY 35th BDAY YAMAHA TW200! 1987 – 2022!

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THE Yamaha TW200 turns 35-years old this year (2022) as the Yamaha mini dual sport hit the market in 1987! HAPPY 35TH BIRTHDAY TW200! 1987 – Introduction1988 – 1-Year Old1989 – 2-Years Old1990 – 3-Years Old1991 – 4-Years Old1992 – 5-Years Old1993 – 6-Years Old1994 – 7-Years Old1995 – 8-Years Old1996 – 9-Years Old1997 –[ Full Article ]


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You know how the story goes, two buddies talking about motorcycles… Jason Markley simply asked Rodney Wills, “what will be your next bike?” Wills stated, “I’ve had this fascination with these Yamaha TW200’s for some time and I really want to give one of these bikes a try… July 2017, Rodney and his friend both[ Full Article ]

TW200 – Captain Jack / Old Stage / Gold Camp – Colorado Springs Dual Sport Video – Yamaha TDUB Club

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Just adding more dirt to my fat stubby Yamaha TW200 tires in the “new-to-me” Colorado Springs area, riding from my house to the trails. Trying to explore as “local” as I can to become more acquainted with the trails that are closest to me. It’s a process – A couple of repeat’s but both ways[ Full Article ]

TW200 – Gold Camp to Old Stage Road Loop – Colorado Springs Dual Sport – Yamaha TDUB Club

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Yes, it’s been a while since my last outing as life is not always so simple! But I got luckily and scratched a quick hot lap in for myself! SUPER EXCITED! With very little time I wanted to explore a section I had seen while hiking with my mom as I was surprised to see[ Full Article ]



Let’s do this! We are ready to make our first TDUB CLUB T-SHIRT! BUT, we do not want to go broke over-ordering because these items are expensive and we don’t want to make more waste than need be, so these items are PRE-ORDER ONLY! We are doing sizes; Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, 2X-Large and 3X-Large.[ Full Article ]


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YAMAHA TW200 TRAILWAY 1st Gen: 1987 – 1988 1987 2JY-24110-00-01 TW200 Fuel Tank Graphic Red Set UR FOR W/CPR 1987 2JX-24240-10-00 TW200 Fuel Tank Graphic Blue Set UR FOR W/FWB1988 2YG-24240-00-00 TW200 GRAPHIC SET | UR FOR W/CPR1988 2YG-24240-10-00 TW200 GRAPHIC SET | UR FOR YB/CPR YAMAHA TW200 TRAILWAY 2nd Gen: 1989 1989 2YG-24240-10-00 TW200 GRAPHIC SET[ Full Article ]

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