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FAT FLAT TIRE – Who has gotten a flat on their Yamaha TW200?

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Who has had a flat tire while out on trail on your Yamaha TW200? Did you fix it on trail or what did you do to get your bike back to a location to get it fixed? Does anyone have a war story of changing their tube trail side? Please share your story in the[ Full Article ]

The DEATH WING – is your Yamaha TW200 front tire suddenly washing out?

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A moniker put onto the Bridgestone Trail Wing TW31 by the Yamaha TW200 Community BUT WHY? Why the term “Death Wing?” Prior to purchasing a Yamaha TW200, I had not heard the term “Death Wing” in reference to the Bridgestone Trail Wing front tire. And even then, I had not heard the term until after[ Full Article ]

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