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TDUBFEST Saturday – Itchy Knobbies 2023

IMG 7191 scaled e1698536922961

The Saturday of TDUBFEST was a mixed bag of fruit of activities as we had the guys from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC out for some fun-filled TDUB GAMES as seen in the previous video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mn47K-qfZB4&t=136s – After those events, most everyone had itchy knobbies and was ready to ride! Dustin of Dual Dorks and I headed[ Full Article ]

TDUBFEST 2023 Friday Part 2

IMG 7061 scaled e1696807786714

Part 2 of Friday’s continuation picks up from the “Yellow Tracktor” mine, off to lunch at B’s Hangout back down the hill into Eureka, Utah. After lunch, we rode out to the Tintic Railroad Tunnel and led the small TDUBBERZ crew back to camp. Several groups were out riding; this was just the small group[ Full Article ]

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