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Rodney Wills – Life in Journalism

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Rodney Wills listed Work Experience with Source Links at the bottom of this long “journalistic” email of my answers to the questions posted.  This is only the “journalistic” aspect of my work life. Below you will find my LinkedIn profile with the entire work experience listed. Describe your journalism experience, as well as other relevant[ Full Article ]

Gaerne Oiled Balance Boots – Long Term Review – From A TDUB Mini Dual Sport Perspective

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Purchased the Gaerne Oiled Balance Boots back in 2017 and thought we would let you know how they have performed over 6-years and 10,000+ miles worth of TDUBBIN! Here is the original post: https://www.tdubclub.com/2020/04/05/tw200-gaerne-oiled-balance-boots-yamaha-tdub-club/ TW200 DIGI-CAMO MESH TDUB CLUB TRUCKER HATS


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You know how the story goes, two buddies talking about motorcycles… Jason Markley simply asked Rodney Wills, “what will be your next bike?” Wills stated, “I’ve had this fascination with these Yamaha TW200’s for some time and I really want to give one of these bikes a try… July 2017, Rodney and his friend both[ Full Article ]


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CLEAN YOUR CRAP!! CHECK OUT these nifty Camelbak water reservoir bladder cleaning and air-drying tools! Make sure your hydration pack is always on stand-by and ready for the next adventure in tip top shop! While Camelbak is famous for their “HYDRATE OR DIE” slogan I am adding an “HYGIENE OR CROAK” slogan to the Camelbak[ Full Article ]

FINDING TRAILS – RESOURCES; Paper Maps, GPS & Navigation


Looking for trails in your area or out of your area? “As the crow flys,” not good enough? Here is a collection of videos and websites to help get you into the unknown or connect that section of dirt to another section of dirt! Scouting, exploring, location, location, location! MAPS MAPS MAPS!! It’s all about[ Full Article ]

It’s Desert Season! 2 Days of TDUBBIN with GCRad1 & TillDeathDualUsSport! Yamaha TDUB Club – TW200

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6-Video Series! Video 001: Part 001: This video is of day-1, with 108-miles collected across the desert from New Jack City in Lucerne Valley to the dormant volcano in Pisgah, California. The rain from the previous weeks with the addition of the storm the day before, made for some awesome conditions as we had very[ Full Article ]

The GCRAD1 Spec 2016 Yamaha TW200 / Escapades of the GCRAD1 Yamaha TW200 Part #001

1.The GCRAD1 Spec 2016 Yamaha TW200 Escapades of the GCRAD1 Yamaha TW200 copy scaled 1

MY NEW TO ME 2016 YAMAHA TW200 – PURCHASED JULY 30, 2017 PURCHASED DATE: JULY 30, 2017 – with 318-miles on the odometer! How did I come about purchasing a Yamaha TW200? In a heavily convoluted conversation about bicycles, R/C scale trucks, motorcycles and overland 4X4 vehicles with my buddy Jason Markley, owner of Pedals[ Full Article ]

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