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Gaerne Oiled Balance Boots – Long Term Review – From A TDUB Mini Dual Sport Perspective

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Purchased the Gaerne Oiled Balance Boots back in 2017 and thought we would let you know how they have performed over 6-years and 10,000+ miles worth of TDUBBIN! Here is the original post: https://www.tdubclub.com/2020/04/05/tw200-gaerne-oiled-balance-boots-yamaha-tdub-club/ TW200 DIGI-CAMO MESH TDUB CLUB TRUCKER HATS

TW200 – Gaerne Oiled Balance Boots – Yamaha TDUB Club

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Yes, we’ve previously published a blog post on boots that ended with the Gaerne Balance Oiled Boot – BOOTS 4 TDUBBIN! So you’re not seeing double… but you do have two feet… With that, this is a dedicated post solely to the Gaerne Oiled Balance Boots. Why? BECAUSE! Simply stated, the Gaerne Balance Oiled Boots[ Full Article ]

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