Let me set the stage for this… Nick of TillDeathDualUsSport and I where riding up in Big Bear, CA for a group rides that was put together over on the SoCal TW200 Community Facebook Group page. Our 1-day went without hitch and was a great day! Day-2, while we had a great day, it was not without incident. Nothing major, just a lost cell phone and a flat rear tire. Nick’s cell-phone came out of it’s cradle and I picked up a nail in the rear tire of my Yamaha TW200. Luckily I found the cellphone for him as I backtracked to look for it. On my return back, I picked up a nail and flatted very quickly, some twenty+ miles from town! Alex and Robert came back looking for us and had some Fix-a-flat. So we tried to get it to hold air… but that was not happening.

Typically you want this stuff in your tire prior to flatting. It did not, but we tried to put it in and get it to work to no avail! My tire was already pretty worn with about 5,000-miles on it already, so I made the executive decision to just ride it out and buy and new tire and tube to start fresh. My only real major concern was to not ride the flat tire off the bead of the rim! I did not want the expensive of a new rim!

The following video is from Nick at TillDeathDualUsSport and it queued to the discovery of lost phone, flat incident and the ride out on a flat. Give that a watch and better yet, after you see that, scrub it back to the start and please give him a Like, Comment and a follow!! Please and THANK YOU!




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