Navigation on your motorcycle may have you wanting a secure way to mount your mobile / navigation devise to your handlebars. I fought it for a few years, pulling my phone out of my pocket at every turn!

While attending the Long Beach International Motorcycle Show, I looked at every GPS and cellular devise mount available, to determine what I wanted. The folks from RAM Mounts was there and I’ve known of their products for years and actually use their products to hold my navigation device in my 4X4. But for some reason I was not considering them for the motorcycle… But I finally made the move and RAM MOUNT IT IS!

Let’s start with my devise. I am currently running an iPhone8 for my navigational purposes, along with everything else that this pocket-size mini-computer does!


With the RAM system there are a multitude of configurations to mount your devise! With this system you will chose [3] items. [1] your phone holder, the length of [2] arm and ball-mount (if you choose). For me personally I can not bring myself to using a U-bolt clamp on my aluminum handlebars, so I choose to use a [3] proper clamp to hold everything in place!

Screen Shot 2021 02 23 at 9.01.13 PM

The trick with the RAM Mount system is making sure you are ordering all the right size parts based on “BALL MOUNT SIZE!” The Ball size that comes with the X-Grip Universal Phone Hold is “SIZE B” or the 1″ ball mount.

OK, here is exactly what I have on my TW200:

[1a] To hold my phone, I am using the RAM® X-Grip® Universal Phone Holder with Ball Part#: RAM-HOL-UN7BU.
[1b] OPTION! RAM® Quick-Grip Universal Phone Holder with Ball Part#: RAM-HOL-PD3-238AU (I do like this one and might try it as this came out after I got the X-Grip).

[2] I opted for a shorter arm as I never want my phone way up in the air! Most people opt for a longer arm… I am using RAM® Double Socket Arm / Short Arm – 2.42″ Part#: RAM-B-201U-A. See photo below.

[3] Because I can not bring myself to put a U-Bolt Clamp on my aluminum bars, I used the RAM® Torque Medium Rail Base Part#: RAM-B-408-75-1U. Note: This particular one is for .75″ – 1″ diameter Clamping area. I mounted it right next to where my Acerbis hand-guard mounts on the handle bar so it’s on the transition from the 1-1/8th portion of the bar to the standard portion of the bar. If you are running stock 7/8th bars, this one should work as well.

The Following Photos…

IMG 0218 scaled

I am running the very short RAM® Double Socket Arm / Short Arm – 2.42″ Part#: RAM-B-201U-A because I do NOT want my phone way up in the air! I have it mounted down as low as possible to protect my phone! Yes, mirrors are up high, but if I break one of those, I have another and or they are cheaper than an iPhone!

IMG 0219 scaled

NO U-BOLT HERE BUDDY! I’m using the RAM® Torque Medium Rail Base Part#: RAM-B-408-75-1U to mount the whole Ram Mount system to my handlebars! Depending on your bars you may want to choose a smaller clamping diameter size, so please do your measuring before hitting the buy-it-now button!


Now that you have your phone mounted so you can see it while you ride, now you can easily navigate the unknown! Check out this GPS App called GPSkit that I am using for my navigation/tracking needs that I use in conjunction with plain ol’ Google Maps! See our GPS KIT APP FOR IPHONE – HOW TO DOWNLOAD AND NAVIGATE / GPS ROUTE TRACKING



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