Bar Swap Pro Taper Countour Handlebars + ACERBIS Handguards + PROGRIP 714 Rally Grips - Yamaha TW200
Buy them: Pro Grips 714 Rally Grips

Comfortable, cushy and cuts a lot of harmonic vibration! And with the limited suspension travel of the Yamaha TW200, the Pro Grips 714 Rally Grips offer just a bit more cushioning that is transferred directly through the handlebars!


Popular pimple design. Large diameter for maximum comfort made with Pro Grips “rally Spec’ gel rubber to absorb vibration. Extremely comfortable for street, dirt, or dual sport riding. Note: for use with twist throttle applications. Black color. Measures 22-25mm inside diameter by 125mm.

• Timeless grips for rallyes.
•  Still the greatest grips of all the desert races.
•  Thickness to cancel most of the harsh vibrations of rally races.

Fruitloop roll of available colors!

• Durometer: SH 35 TOTAL
• Made in Italy
• Size: Ø mm 22-25 / Long mm 125

Buy them: Pro Grips 714 Rally Grips

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