6-Video Series!

Video 001:

Part 001: This video is of day-1, with 108-miles collected across the desert from New Jack City in Lucerne Valley to the dormant volcano in Pisgah, California. The rain from the previous weeks with the addition of the storm the day before, made for some awesome conditions as we had very little to no dust!!! This is a dual-sport dreamland, that was just made better by good ol’ mother nature!

Nick had made some map plans and we stuck to them as the plan was to do the sightseeing while also covering roughly 100-miles through the desert. While this was our first time camping at Sawtooth Canyon Campground, aka New Jack City, we were very surprised to see it so packed and we luckily got the last campsite! Yes, this is a very well known place in the rock climbing community, as in “rope” rappelling – rock climbing, not the vehicular rock crawling as Johnson Valley is known very well for. So yes, this was quite the surprise, but not shocking, it was actually very cool.

Video 002:

Part 002: Covers the dormant volcano of Pisgah, California. Riding here was just a wild experience!

Video 003:

Part 003: Box Canyon to Powerline Roads through the desert back to camp. I hit reserve on the stock gas tank at 77.9-miles with FMF Powercore4 pipe (w/ dB reducer, re-jet carb, 15/49-gearing, 18-psi front tire / 22-psi rear tire. Yes, I was being lazy about checking the tires as I will typically run them at the factory setting when commuting to work and I just let a little air out by feel. If I was to properly gauge my tires I would run 16-18psi (front) and 16-18psi rear. But if you want the ultimate gas mileage, set the tires to the factory spec of 18psi in the front and 22-25psi for the rear.

Part 004:

Part 004: The last part of the video is my favorite section, the more technical section! Great first day and rode the furthest I’ve ever ridden on the stock tank! I made it 108-miles on the stock tank, hitting reserve at 77.9-miles! Stoked to be getting some actual fuel milage data as my bike is both modified and running a scratch lower air pressure in the tires. But, I did not hit empty yet! Tomorrow starts Day-2 and I will see just how far the full stock tank + reserve takes me! Stay tuned for Part 005!

Part 005:

Part 005: The start of Day-2 and today I’m running the front door. I don’t really have a laid-out planned route, more of a, “we will cover this area to see what we can find” getting the lay of the land and scouting the area for more detailed trail areas. When I want to lay down new tracks or keep a record of my route, I will use the app called GPSkit (apple only).

Part 006:

Part 6 of Day-2: Using all of my stock fuel tank reserve, I finally hit bottom at 116-miles! I pull out the 22oz MSR fuel bottle from my Camelbak and see how far that gets me. I have Nick as my “fuel sherpa” so this makes for a good real-world fuel milage test because we are out riding in the type of environment where knowing fuel range is most important! Also, thank you Ricochet Skidplates, as I now know how you got your name for your skid plate company!


Nick of TillDeathDualUsSport and myself, GCRad1of the Yamaha TDUB Club, threaded the two winter storms that hit the west coast with two awesome days in the desert for some fun exploring TDUBBIN!

Here in southern California, the desert is too hot during the summer months and we usually retreat up to the mountains for our moto missions. But TDUBBIN in the desert starts around the Halloween weekend and will run through the winter months until spring! We refer to these riding seasons as Mountain Season and Desert Season.

The Yamaha TDUB Club is dedicated to the longest production running dual sport, the Yamaha TW200. It started production in 1987 and is still currently in production with a 2020 year model show in the Yamaha Corporate website.


Songs with permission, are from both TealLightNoise and Dirty Porcelain:

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Mojave Trail Guide Book:


Sawtooth Canyon Campground:

•• Yamaha TDUB Club is not sponsored by or associated by Yamaha Motor Corporation. But we would like to be! We all have to dream!

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