From the fine folks at Midwest Expedition Outfitters, the MEO Departure is a hitch-mount motorcycle hauler that can fit Fat Tire Motorcycles; ie: THE YAMAHA TW200! The MEO Departure Fat Tire Moto Hauler can hold a maximum of 400-pounds which is plenty tough enough for our FAT TIRE TDUBS! We, Yamaha TDUB Club, say this was specifically made for the Yamaha TW200 as we recently discovered that the crew at Midwest Expedition Outfitters are TDUB FANS TOO! They recently made a trip from Oklahoma to Colorado with 15 TW200’s, all hauled on the back of various TOYOTA’s! Wonder how many where hauled on the MEO Departure?!?!?! See info below.

IMG 5488
MEO FJ80 hauling the Yamaha TW200.

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Midwest Expedition Outfitters was founded by three friends with a passion for adventure. A fun-filled hobby of meeting every Monday night to cook, discuss and plan our next trip turned into a business. After building our own rigs, perfecting our own expedition trailers, and traveling on week long expeditions from Arkansas to The Rubicon Trail, we have found the best after-market parts, the best camping gear, and have the knowledge of navigating amazing trails and off-road expeditions. We wanted to offer a one stop shop for others who share our passion and we are excited to do so. We get up every day happy to go to “work”. We have the expertise and experience to help turn your dreams of adventure into reality.


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