Upon moving to Alabama, I started looking for all things “Yamaha” “dualsport” and “adventure” and Facebook it a good networking tool for such searches. What I came across was the Little River Adventure Company / Destination Yamaha.

> Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/littleriver.us
> Website: https://littleriver.us/
> Yamaha Destination Little River ADV Co.

I was so taken back by the “claim” – “Alabama’s first and only Destination Yamaha Location!” I had to send the info over to Yamaha Corporate and ask if this was “truly a thing?” They responded with, “it is truly a thing” with a link to ALL THE LOCATIONS to the many Destination Yamaha locations across the country as well as the world! I WAS BLOW AWAY!!!
Explore more here: https://www.yamahamotorsports.com/motorsports/destinations

Upon vetting that Destination Yamaha is a true-real-legit operation located in ALABAMA, I reached out to Little River Adventure Company’s director, Giorgio Torregrosa through Facebook Messenger. While corresponding with Giorgio, I was dropping his address into Google Maps and noting the distance from my location. (Google Map Link to Little River Adventure Company: https://g.page/littleriver-us?share).

While all that was happening over the course of a week or so, I was also talking with a Alabama resident who is a new TW200 owner, Chuck Neese, of the Birmingham area. Originally, I thought he was from the area somewhere between Fort Payne and Cheaha Mountain, as the majority of his social post seemed to be from this area. While Chuck is new to motorcycling all together, he is a staple in the paddling scene since the early eighties! In a conversation with him, “Little River” came up. I didn’t know the significance of the Little River George located next to Giorgio’s Little River Adventure Company!

Little River Canyon Rim Parkway

Little River Canyon Rim Parkway, also known as Alabama State Route 176, Dekalb County Road 148 and Cherokee County Road 275, forms a 22-mile scenic drive following the 16-mile-long Little River Canyon National Preserve in northeastern Alabama. The river stretches 18 miles and plunges to about 600 feet at its deepest points. Little River Canyon National Preserve

You will not want to miss touring the eleven-mile scenic drive is located on the western side of the canyon along AL Highway 176 (off AL Highway 35). 

Little River Adventure Company

The Little River Adventure Company (LRAC) offers 40 acres of open space camp sites and picnic sites next to the amazing Little River Canyon National Preserve. As an official Destination Yamaha Location, LRAC rents Yamaha Adventure and Dual Sport motorcycles.

Little River Adventure Company also rents RadPowerBikes electric bicycles. LRAC host the Yellow Creek – Dekalb County Chapter of the Alabama Scenic River Trail helping preserve and promote the local waterways. Come launch your canoe or Kayak on Yellow Creek. Adventure in the Canyon, and/or simply relax at the ADV Camp… Little River Adventure Company.

Little River Adventure Company / Destination Yamaha Alabama
95 Co Rd 295, Fort Payne, AL 35967, USA
Google Maps Link: https://g.page/littleriver-us?share

Website: https://littleriver.us/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/littleriver.us
Yamaha Destination Little River ADV Co.

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