My boss at Red Line Land Cruisers recently relinquished his old XR200 and graduated to a 2007 KTM XC300W 2-stroke dirt bike. But before he could ride the bike, he and family went on vacation so I took it for a day in the woods with my co-worker who also rides a KTM 300 2-stroke. We took the bikes out to some great single-track in the Rainbow Falls Riding area of Sedalia, Colorado. This is not my first ride of a different motorcycle from the TW200. In fact, the TW200 came after several other motorcycles! But the boss presented me with an opportunity to ride his new-to-him KTM XC300W, so I took it!

Riding tall-tires again reminds me so much of my past motorcycle history and has me thinking… Do I add a Yamaha YZ125X to the quiver? Maybe a XT250? I don’t know… But I am seriously considering seeing how my boss and co-worker are both on 300cc 2-strokes. I do know that for the tight twisty woods, I would love lightweight! But the 2-stroke is not street legal nor does it have a headlight. In contrast, the XT250 has all that but the weight is 29-lbs vs the YZ125X’s featherweight of 212-lbs. The YZ125X has 12-inches of travel, twice the TDUB’s where the XT250 only musters up 8.9-in travel, roughly two more inches over the TW200. I could split the difference and go with the WR250F at 254-lbs but that is 25-lbs more than the KTM XC300W. I want at light as possible, so I think the solution is the YZ125X and add lights.

What I really need is ALL OF THEM and do a long term comparison! Wonder how the wifey would feel about that? Better add the XRS700 so I can ride with her! But it would be fun to “YZ” a TDUB just for us to 2UP on! I would call on Wicked Racing for a Banshee/RZ350 for that project! or just find us the bike I met her on, the Yamaha RZ350. Or an R3 with Wicked Racing Banshee/RZ350 engine! I can do this all day!


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