Riding in the cold wet weather? Hippo Hands with change your riding experience! The Hippo Hands Backcountry model is what I am using for such days when most would stay snuggled up with a book and warm blanket next to the fireplace. Hippo Hands have been a GAME CHANGER!!!

The Hippo Hands “all new for 2021” Backcountry™ model is designed for dirt bikers, enduro riders, snow bikes and commuters. It may not surprise you that they are covered with HippoSkin™, their waterproof outer shell, and insulated with a generous layer of HippoFat™, a warm, flexible, closed cell foam—both are designed to keep inclement weather away from your hands.

The Backcountry is 9″ deep. If you like to stand and ride, this is the model for you! But… these hand covers also fit to just about any bike, they are even a great option for any cruiser with brush/hand guards. They feature a durable, quilted interior and flexible, neoprene cuff which ensures a great fit on so many bikes. The Backcountry is our smallest, most easily adaptable hand cover. FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING VIA UPS.

Get your Hippo Hands Backcountry Edition Here:

Tell’em the TDUB CLUB Sent ya!

Screen Shot 2021 03 14 at 12.43.57 AM

Check out the TDUB CLUB Hat too!

IMG 9700 copy 1

We took our original TDUB Club logo (TDC) and made a small patch that is not too “loud” and not the yellow that we’ve used in the original logo as well. Yes, yellow because we are old school Yamaha fans from the OG Speed Blocks era! See Details Here:

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