WINTERIZE YOUR YAMAHA TW200 for cold weather winter adventures!

Prepping the Yamaha TW200 for some cold weather adventure riding! HIPPO HANDS hand-guards aid the hands against the effects of wind chill. Stay outside in the cold, riding longer and don’t lose digits to frostbite! And they attach to the bike super-quick and they attach OVER your existing handguards!

I came across these guys on Instagram and instantly knew, or at least though, these would be super suited for my cold-weather riding! On the last outing with Nick of TillDeathDualUsSport our hands got cold later in the afternoons due to both temperature drop and especially the windchill! Hippo Hands to the rescue because I like my fingers!


For the motorcycle enthusiast, there is a good bit of history associated with the Hippo Hands brand. It all started in the early 70s with the legendary motorcycle product designer, Craig Vetter. When on a long, chilly ride—with painfully cold hands—Vetter wrapped his sleeping bag around his handlebars using duct tape creating the first Hippo Hands.

Read more about their history and check out the product on their website:

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