What makes this job easy is the Motion Pro 08-0121 Fork Oil Level Tool! The Motion Pro Fork Oil Level Tool is for checking and adjusting the oil level on all conventional and single chamber cartridge forks. The adjustable ring will measure oil levels from 0 to 300 millimeter in 0.5 centimeter increments syringe has a capacity of 60ml. The engraved markings on the tube are easy to read and make the desired level easy to set with the adjustable “stop-ring.” Just refill forks and suction the oil out to the desired measurement. Beats the heck out of my old chop-stick – dip stick trick!

Order Here: Motion Pro 08-0121 Fork Oil Level Tool
Order Here: Maxima Racing Oils 10W Fork Oil 1L Bottle, 2-Pack

Maxima Fork Oils are formulated from the highest quality base oils and advanced additives to prevent foaming, seal hardening, oxidation and “stiction”. Lubricinol provides for very low sliding friction and protects internal components from wear. Temperature stable viscosity provides for constant fork action and terrain compliance for the front wheel. For all front suspension systems, both standard and cartridge. 5wt fork oil is normal service weight for MX applications. Consult owners manual for specific applications. Can be blended for intermediate viscosities.


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