FIRST AID KIT – Always in my backpack and jumping from one pack to the other pack depending on what I am doing. It’s not the most comprehensive first-aid kit, but it’s not just duct-tape and crazy glue either. Although I should add crazy glue!


01] TOPO DESIGNS Accessories Bag – Size Small
02] Adventure Medical Kits Ultralight / Watertight .3 Medical Kit
03] S.O.L. Waterproof Survival Medic First Aid Kit
04] tweezer with an attached magnifying lens
05] SE 3-in-1 Orange Waterproof Match Storage Box – CCH6-1
06] Coghlan’s 940BP Waterproof Matches, 4 pack
07] Storacell SlimLine AAA Battery Caddy Glow-in-the-Dark
08] Duracell PC2400 Procell AAA, 24 Count (Pack of 1)
09] Coreless Duct Tape Rolls
10] BIC Disposable Butane Lighter
11] Lip Balm

12] 550 Paracord


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TOPO DESIGNS Accessories Bag – Size Small
This little bag carries everything! Built for durability and organization, The TOPO Designs Accessory Bags will help you keep track of all of your gear. These come in three sizes; Micro, Small and Medium.

2] Adventure Medical Kits

First, A bit about Adventure Medical Kits (AMK). AMK headquarters is located in the heart of the White Mountains in Littleton, New Hampshire. The company was founded in 1973, incorporated in 1977, and manufactures the world-famous insect bite treatment, After Bite®, a full line of well-known insect repellents such as Ben’s® and Natrapel®, first-aid such as Adventure Medical Kits® and Easy Care First Aid kits, survival products with Survive Outdoors Longer®, and burn remedy products such as AfterBurn®. Many of our products are packaged in innovative ways that allow them to be convenient to use as well as environmentally friendly.

CORNERSTONE KIT – The base kit!

Screen Shot 2020 07 28 at 1.54.47 PM

Adventure Medical Kits Ultralight / Watertight .3 Medical Kit Although I should carry the Ultralight / Watertight .5 Medical Kit
The Ultralight / Watertight Series has been redesigned and now features proprietary DryFlex bags for the ultimate in ultralight, waterproof storage.  For the multi-sport athlete that refuses to be let down or weighed down by his or her gear.

From cleaning wounds and dressing blisters to treating muscle aches, pains, and symptoms of allergic reactions, this kit packs a lot of first aid in a little space. Whether you are whitewater kayaking, mountain biking or hiking, this is your personal kit for single day outings. The re-sealable DryFlex™ watertight bag enables you to carry it in the outside pocket of your PFD where you can get to it quickly, and it remains watertight use after use. Kit contains enough first aid and medical gear for 1 person for 1-2 days.



I also carry the Adventure Medical Kits Survival Kit 1.0. It’s older, so I think that AMK is also apart of the SOL group and it is now the S.O.L. Waterproof Survival Medic First Aid Kit *CONTENTS LISTED BELOW


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The single most used item in my first aid kit has to be the tweezer with an attached magnifying lens. I use it all the time!


Call me whatever you want, but I like to have a little piece of mind if and when a day just doesn’t go as planned and runs into a chilly desert night! Fire is mans best friend! I carry this little lightweight plastic cases to carry waterproof matches in. I also add a bit of dryer lint in the top to prevent the matches from vibrating all around and rubbing themselves into no use. Also, that dry lent will be perfect for starting a fire!

61VS sA30L. AC SL1500

SE 3-in-1 Orange Waterproof Match Storage Box – CCH6-1 The SE 3-in-1 Orange Waterproof Match Storage Box. Perfect for boating, camping, fishing, hiking, or hunting trips, this storage container is a great addition to your emergency and survival kits. The waterproof container to store matches or other small objects that you need to keep dry. A signaling mirror in the lid can help you discreetly communicate with others without making much noise. Easy to fit inside your pocket, there is never an excuse to be without the means to start a fire.


71s AuzBo8L. AC SL1218

A plastic tube is no good if you do not have the waterproof matches to go in it! I have the Coghlan’s 940BP Waterproof Matches, 4 pack (use the rest for the BBQ grill). Approximately 40 wooden matches to a pocket-size box. Ideal for Hunters, Fishermen, Campers, or Outdoor Workers. Safety Matches cannot light accidentally. Must be struck on striker surface on the box.


71otsX44cBL. AC SL1500

Storacell by Powerpax SlimLine AAA Battery Caddy Glow-in-the-Dark I’ve been using these for 10-years now! The Storacell Battery Caddy solves the problem of how to conveniently store your batteries in a compact and easy to find holder. Originally designed for pilots, the Battery Caddy is also great for photography, camping, travel or MOTO TRAVEL! The Battery Caddy is durable and break-resistant and the slim and lightweight design makes it portable. There are no sharp edges to catch on clothing or bags. Storacell’s patented locking system snaps batteries into place; batteries snap into place and remove easily. When ready to use, simply push the battery out with your thumb. Keep fresh batteries separate from used batteries by turning them in opposite directions. The Storacell Battery Caddy provides the best terminal protection at both ends. Batteries not included.


71mT6s2B7tL. SL1500

Duracell PC2400 Procell AAA, 24 Count (Pack of 1). I usually have a camping-hiking style headlamp in my backpack, again for those late-night rides. Sometimes you need both hands to either eat or work on the bike, so having a hands-free headlamp is the ticket! Ticket items need BATTERIES! I typically call on the PRO Version Duracell’s for my choice in power as I come from the photo/media side of the world and these always seem to work great!

Duracell Procell batteries are made to rigid specifications to meet some of the highest standards of durability and longevity that professional users demand and expect. Each battery is date coded for freshness. Procell batteries are rated for reliable operation in temperature extremes from -20 to 54 degree C and contain no added mercury. They’re available in economical bulk packaging for easier inventory management. Duracell Procell batteries are often specified for pagers, remotes, flashlights, calculators, electronic test equipment, door locks, electronic safety equipment, cameras, medical devices. AAA Size. Flat terminals. Nominal voltage: 1.5 volt. Operating voltage: 1.6 to 0.75 volt. Impedance: 250 megoham at 1 kilohertz. Typical volume: 3.5 cubic centimeters. Temperature range: Storage -20 to 35 degree C; Operating -20 to 54 degree C. ANSI: 24A. IEC: LR03. Measures 10.5-millimeters diameter by 44.5-millimeters height.

9] Hikers Duct Tape

61kuqjSJ5ZL. AC SL1493

UST Coreless Duct Tape Rolls with Hand Tearable Material and Waterproof Design for Hiking, Backpacking, Camping, and Outdoor Survival
Yes, It’s just duct tape without the paper core inside so it can be packed very small. Yes, you can take your regular duct tape and tape it around a straw, around a screwdriver, and even onto itself! It’s called Hikers Duct Tape to be used before a blister starts! As soon as a hiker feels the “hot spot” they will stop and remove the boot/shoe and sock and add the tape over the spot that feels like it’s going to blister. Who knows, you may have a long hike out of the woods in moto boots! Who knows, you may have used all your duct tape from your tool kit on your buddies bike, but now you need some for yourself. Who knows… better get some!

The folks at Ultimate Survival Technologies (UST) have been manufacturing camping, survival, personal safety, and emergency preparedness equipment for over 80 years. From family camping and ultralight backpacking treks to backcountry rescue and home power outages, UST offers a full range of products for outdoor recreation and survival situations.

10] FIRE! At the flick of a BIC!

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Bic Mini 5 Pack Assorted Colors Lighter These add Double, Triple back-up redundancy to the waterproof matches. PLUS, these work great when working with shrink-wrap for wiring. These are the smaller versions, so they do not take up much space.

11] CHAPSTICK aka  lip balm

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In case you just arrived from Mars, lip balm is intended to help treat and prevent chapped lips, hence the brand name, Chapstick™. But, there are many varieties that are more natural.
Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Medicated Moisturizing Lip Balm with Menthol & Eucalyptus – 2 Tubes
Burt’s Bees Moisturizing Lip Balm is packed Beeswax to condition skin and antioxidant Vitamin E to richly moisturize and soften lips. This 100% natural product is free of parabens, phthalates, petrolatum and SLS.

12] 550 PARACORD

A1PFirK3a2L. AC SL1500

550 Paracord – It’s just a good idea to carry a little piece! The bit I have is about 2-3ft long for whatever I might need to lash back together!? Parachute cord is a lightweight nylon kernmantle rope originally used in the suspension lines of parachutes. This cord is now used as a general-purpose utility cord. This versatile cord was used by astronauts during the 82nd Space Shuttle mission to repair the Hubble Space Telescope. The 550 means that the paracord is rated with a minimum breaking strength of 550 pounds or about 250 kilograms. Here is a great article about Paracord: Paracord in Survival: Why is Paracord So Important & How Can it Save Your Life?


01] TOPO DESIGNS Accessories Bag – Size Small
02] Adventure Medical Kits Ultralight / Watertight .3 Medical Kit
03] S.O.L. Waterproof Survival Medic First Aid Kit
04] tweezer with an attached magnifying lens
05] SE 3-in-1 Orange Waterproof Match Storage Box – CCH6-1
06] Coghlan’s 940BP Waterproof Matches, 4 pack
07] Storacell SlimLine AAA Battery Caddy Glow-in-the-Dark
08] Duracell PC2400 Procell AAA, 24 Count (Pack of 1)
09] Coreless Duct Tape Rolls
10] BIC Disposable Butane Lighter
11] Lip Balm

12] 550 Paracord


Adventure Medical Kits Ultralight / Watertight .3 Medical Kit

Ideal Uses:

  • Briefcase / Purse / Backpack
  • Cycling
  • Day Hiking
  • Glove Compartment
  • Mtn. Bikers
  • Short Day Trips
  • Skiing


  • Moleskin dressing for preventing and treating blisters
  • Butterfly closure bandages and antiseptic towelettes
  • Medications for pain, inflammation, allergies, and bug bites & stings


Bandage Materials

  • (4) Bandage, Adhesive, Fabric, 1″ x 3″
  • (2) Bandage, Adhesive, Fabric, Knuckle
  • (2) Bandage, Butterfly Closure
  • (3) Dressing, Gauze, Sterile, 2″ x 2″, Pkg./2

Blister / Burn

  • (1) Moleskin, Pre-Cut & Shaped (11 pieces)


  • (1) Splinter Picker/Tick Remover Forceps


  • (2) After Bite Wipe
  • (2) Antihistamine (Diphenhydramine 25 mg)
  • (2) Ibuprofen (200 mg), Pkg./2

Wound Care

  • (3) After Cuts & Scrapes Antiseptic Wipe
  • (2) Alcohol Swab
  • (1) Tape, 1/2″ x 10 Yards
  • (2) Triple Antibiotic Ointment, Single Use

AMK reserve the right to add, substitute, or delete items if necessary.

S.O.L. Waterproof Survival Medic First Aid Kit

  • 1 – SOL™ Emergency Blanket, 56″ x 84″.
  • 1 – Fire Lite™ Sparker
  • 4 – Tinder Quik™
  • 1 – Slim Rescue Howler™ Whistle
  • 1 – Compass, Button, Liquid Filled
  • 1 – Duct Tape, 2″ x 26″
  • 1 – SOL™ Survival Instructions
  • 2 – Antiseptic Towelettes
  • 1 – Ibuprofen (200mg), Pkg./2
  • 1 – Triple Antibiotic Ointment, 0.5g
  • 1 – Bandage, Adhesive, Fabric, Knuckle
  • 2 – Bandage, Adhesive, Fabric, 1″ x 3″
  • 1 – Safety Pin

SOL reserve the right to add, substitute, or delete items if necessary
Please note: Some medications may not be available in products sold outside of the US, additional items may be substituted.

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