Why do you want a CycleRacks Rear Rack?

CycleRacks Yamaha TW200 Rear Rack

I can not tell you why you want a CycleRacks rear rack for your TW200. I can only give you my reasons why, as I too was in your undecisive shoes! Maybe you’re racking your brain sorting through the wide range of available options with very little details as to technically why one style/brand over the other.


The first impression of the CycleRacks rear rack for TW200, “it’s MASSIVE! looking at most of dualsports on the market, most will have a slim, narrow rear rack. Even with larger bikes, the only real cross-rack-comparison is with the KLR650 or 900cc+ adventure machines. The CycleRacks TW200 looks WAY LARGER! Most of those “first impressions” (all) were made via images or videos digitally online. I was seriously wrestling with the choices even with all the digital impressions available online! As my decision process is happening, I simply waited to see what decisions my buddies would make. With no major “haul-load” moto plans, I had time to continue my research to make my decision!

The Other…

I watched my buddy Jason purchase one of the “other” racks that were smaller and slimmer. Trail fixes are just things you have to deal with in the dualsport world. Per the rack manufacturers’ intended use, to carry a 1-gallon Rotopax, we incurred major disappointments on our next two rides with broken racks! The manufacture willingly exchanged the racks TWICE, Jason grew tired of packing and shipping broken racks back-and-forth. What was more tiresome and FRUSTRATING, was figuring how to strap a Rotopax back onto his bike MID-RIDE, along with a broken rack! Have you ever been riding along and find stuff that you want to strap to your bike? You realize it’s your stuff! How do we strap all this stuff onto the moto as your stomach gets that funny feeling? You don’t really have a way to strap things onto your bike.

WRP Rear Rack with Rotopax broke -TW200's on CLEGHORN MOUNTAIN Bailey Canyon to Cleghorn Trail - Sept 10, 2017

To remedy Jason’s frustrating situation, he moved into a more robust factory-option Yamaha rear rack and this proved to be a positive decision! Just sitting there, it clicked! After a long day of Tdubbin’ with Jason, it dawned on me what brand I would choose! It was starring right at me!


ADV80 - Yamaha TW200 Big Bear Ride August 20th, 2017

I have fat tires for a fat short motorcycle, much like my 80-Series Land Cruiser with a big roof rack! I want the most versatile rack possible! With this newfound collection of fat tires, along with being new to the “TDUB scene,” I wanted to support an independent manufacture from within the TW200 scene. With the unique looks of the TW200, the CycleRacks rear rack is the most unique rack itself! Aside from all this fancy frivolous stuff, the one key feature that the CycleRacks rear rack posses, is the ability and most importantly, the strength to haul!


Screen Shot 2020 04 22 at 2.14.54 PM

Are you are “ONE” with your factory TW200 Owners Manual? Yamaha warns against exceeding 7-pounds on the factory carrier. The rear portion of the TW200’s frame is structural for the intended purpose, but with the 7-lbs weight limit. What the heck does that mean? Those two small metal tubes only need to hold the rear tail lamp and turn-signals along with two plastic bits. These two plastic bits are essentially the plastic sub-structure that holds the tail light and turn-signals. The other is the rear fender cover with a rubber pad attached.

If you take the time to closely inspect the underside of the TW200 rear fender area, you will see there is very little support under all that plastic. Yamaha did not intend the TW200 for you to haul the hood like Beverly Hillbillies! This is the very reason why CycleRacks designed their rear rack with the “side-struts” that run between the rear rack down to the rear footpeg mount to aid in supporting additional weight.

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With the “BEEF TO HAUL” CycleRacks Rear Rack for my TW200, I can go do this! 3-Days & 448-miles Moto Camping!

Purchase The CycleRacks TW200 Rear Rack here:
• Tie Down Straps: ROK Straps 1″ Wide for rear rack • weight: 8 ounces
• Tie Down Straps: ROK Straps 5/8″ Wide for front rack • weight: 5 ounces


CycleRacks TW200

The super-versatile CycleRacks rear rack weighs 7-pounds 4-ounces and made to haul stuff! An assortment of stuff! Not just moto-camping stuff! I’ve had a ton of fun just making excuses to haul stuff!

TW200 with CycleRacks Rear Rack Hauling Stuff - GCRad1

Hauling a KLR650 front wheel and a box to work.

Bridgestone Trail Wing TW34 rear tire for the Yamaha TW200

Hauling all my moto riding gear, loaded, I can’t remember why, maybe an afterwork ride?

TW200 with CycleRacks Rear Rack Hauling Stuff - GCRad1

Moto run, CycleRacking hauling a large box to the post office.

TW200 with CycleRacks Rear Rack Hauling Stuff - GCRad1

Hit the Post Office parking lot – Package delivered!

TW200 with CycleRacks Rear Rack Hauling Stuff - GCRad1

I can tackle most of my “work-task” loads on my CycleRacks equipped Yamaha TW200! Why not?!

TW200 with CycleRacks Rear Rack Hauling Stuff - GCRad1

Time to haul the KLR650 rear wheel to the shop.

TW200 with CycleRacks Rear Rack Hauling Stuff - GCRad1

Wifey was tossing out a large tub… Hey! We can use that at work!

TW200 with CycleRacks Rear Rack Hauling Stuff - GCRad1
TW200 with CycleRacks Rear Rack Hauling Stuff - GCRad1

Picking up some wood pellets for the Traeger BBQ! This is a good point to tell you about the ROK Straps! These things are awesome for strapping down EVERYTHING!!! I am using the 1″ wide 60″ long ROK Straps for the rear CycleRacks Rear Rack.

TW200 with CycleRacks Rear Rack Hauling Stuff - GCRad1

Working on the house, needed a new ceiling fan… off to Home Depot I go!

TW200 with CycleRacks Rear Rack Hauling Stuff - GCRad1

Loaded to go race a Z125 for 24-Hours with my Gustin Motorsports 4-man crew! Yes, I used my moto gear as I do not have roadrace gear.

TW200 with CycleRacks Rear Rack Hauling Stuff - GCRad1

The heaviest load was this Odyssey Battery for the ADV80.

CycleRacks TW200 Rear Rack - GCRad1

At the end of the day, this is the best payload possible! 3-days worth of camping gear! Bookmark this link for yourself! Purchase here: https://cycleracks.com/collections/yamaha-motorcycle-racks/products/yamaha-tw200-rear-rack

CycleRacks Side Supports

Screen Shot 2020 04 12 at 2.53.35 AM

CycleRacks Side Supports quickly strap-on to carrying fuel or water (Rotopax) and you can strap your panniers on as well, with our without the Rotopax. You can catch these items on the CycleRacks website here: https://cycleracks.com/collections/panniers-bags-and-bag-supports

Screen Shot 2020 04 12 at 2.54.11 AM
Screen Shot 2020 04 12 at 2.54.32 AM

I hope you get to have as much fun as I am on my TW200!

First motocamp trip YAMAHA TW200

With my CycleRack rear rack mounted on the TW200, I packed my camp gear and headed out on my first moto camping trip! And it was a solo mission to boot! Do you haul stuff on your TW200? Have you bagged your first moto camping trip? Post up and let us know!

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