From California to Alabama to Colorado Springs inside of 10-months!

2020 – 2021 is proving to be a “WILD TIMES!”

July 2021 – Upon talking to my coworkers here in Colorado Springs, they said to hit Rampart FIRST! I like to get my local bearings for my new-to-me local terrain before exploring out. I was first under the impression that my ride would be an out-and-back, but I guess I just didn’t “zoom in” enough on Google Maps during my preview of the area. You too may be familiar with the zoom in and out, back and forth trying to see the overall area and zooming in for the details.

But too, I don’t get that crazy with having to know all the details as I truly do like the explore-and-find aspect of getting out and discovering my local surroundings. So to my surprise I found my way from Colorado Springs over to Woodland Park, thus I was happy to not have to go back down the same dirt road I went up. From Woodland I refueled and headed back across the mountain, but to Monument, Colorado to make my day-ride a complete loop ride vs an out-and-back.

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