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RAM MOUNT X-GRIP Devise Mount For Handlebars

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Navigation on your motorcycle may have you wanting a secure way to mount your mobile / navigation devise to your handlebars. I fought it for a few years, pulling my phone out of my pocket at every turn! While attending the Long Beach International Motorcycle Show, I looked at every GPS and cellular devise mount[ Full Article ]

Front Fork Oil Replacement / Service – Yamaha TW200

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What makes this job easy is the Motion Pro 08-0121 Fork Oil Level Tool! The Motion Pro Fork Oil Level Tool is for checking and adjusting the oil level on all conventional and single chamber cartridge forks. The adjustable ring will measure oil levels from 0 to 300 millimeter in 0.5 centimeter increments syringe has[ Full Article ]

Clarke 2.7 Gallon Fuel Tank For Your Yamaha TW200


I love the shape and design of the factory Yamaha TW200 fuel tank! I have to get that off my chest first and foremost! STOCK IS… The factory tank holds 1.8 gallons of fuel and is an adequate size for most riders. With an 78 MPG rating (factory estimated) at 1.8-gallons, that’s a mathematical range[ Full Article ]

Honda’s 42714-KA3-710 Cap Valve Rubber Thingy VS Metal Nut

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Why on earth are we talking about a Honda part here on the Yamaha TDUB Club? It’s more about the “theory” of the parts vs the part itself. But, let’s start with the part itself before we get into the theory. It’s technical name is the Honda CAP, VALVE 42714-KA3-710. But it’s not a “cap”[ Full Article ]

Clean / replace your stock Yamaha TW200 air filter with a UNI FILTER


WATCH, LEARN & LISTEN I’m sure you’ve watched TDUBSkid: How To Clean the Air Filter on the TW200 We will repeatedly tell you to clean your air filter! I will say, toss the stock and buy two, three UNI Filters and ROTATE OFTEN! I talk about it briefly in the Aftermarket Parts video: ACTUALLY DO[ Full Article ]


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TDUB REPORT DEC2020 TDUB CLUB TW200 Vids, Meets, Parts, DAKAR, Tees, Alva, Pastrana, PitBikes, Rally & Swatch! December 2020! WOW! What a wacky crazy year it’s been! One for the record books for sure! It’s all history and behind us and we will carry on TDUBBIN! BUT… TO OUR HEALTH 4 OUR HEALTH! Now I’m[ Full Article ]

Winter to Summer MOTO GEAR – Shell to Skin For DualSport Enthusiast

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Riding a Yamaha TW200 is really no different than any other license platted dual sport motorcycle. When it’s 50-Degrees Fahrenheit outside and your are riding along at 50-MPH, and when you factor in the Wind Chill Factory, it’s the equivalent to, or feels like 39.9° F degree’s. Lets say, roughly 10-degrees less. It’s a sliding[ Full Article ]



If you like to play hard and take your street legal dirt bike out on the trails, Enduroplate is the license plate holder you need to keep the plate in place and undamaged. Through my time working at Gustin Motorsports, I’ve seen all sorts of license plate destruction on customers bikes. Some of them down[ Full Article ]

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