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It’s vehicle washing time AT MY OWN HOUSE! This is going to be a bit of a different series of blog post, but I promise to bring it all back around to the Yamaha TW200. We like having clean bikes! Sorry I have been a way from making new blog post here and videos for[ Full Article ]


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CLEAN YOUR CRAP!! CHECK OUT these nifty Camelbak water reservoir bladder cleaning and air-drying tools! Make sure your hydration pack is always on stand-by and ready for the next adventure in tip top shop! While Camelbak is famous for their “HYDRATE OR DIE” slogan I am adding an “HYGIENE OR CROAK” slogan to the Camelbak[ Full Article ]

MEO DEPARTURE – TW200 Specific / Fat Tire Moto Hauler

MEO Departure

From the fine folks at Midwest Expedition Outfitters, the MEO Departure is a hitch-mount motorcycle hauler that can fit Fat Tire Motorcycles; ie: THE YAMAHA TW200! The MEO Departure Fat Tire Moto Hauler can hold a maximum of 400-pounds which is plenty tough enough for our FAT TIRE TDUBS! We, Yamaha TDUB Club, say this[ Full Article ]

10,000 Mile Oil Change + Skid Plate Foam – YAMAHA TW200 • TDUB CLUB

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My 2016 Yamaha TW200 just hit the 10,000 mile mark on the odometer (March 2021), and I wanted to give it a little pampered treatment! I am treating the little TDUB to some fresh Yamalube Full Synthetic oil, new Genuine Yamaha oil filter, oil filter cover gasket, and oil drain plug gasket. SEE VIDEO HERE:[ Full Article ]

Aaron Colton of Garage 93 said my shop is set up wrong! THANKS AARON FOR THE TIPS!!! Yamaha TDUB CLUB


This cat really has his garage set up nice! (SEE VIDEO BELOW) LOOK PAST the BLING, its all about THE FLOW! The “WHY” things are where they are – is what’s most important! That’s what I have taken notice to and have rearrange accordingly. THANK YOU AARON! If you are trying to set up your[ Full Article ]

TW200 SERVICE: Lubricating the Swingarm Pivots – Yamaha TW200

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How often do you grease your Yamaha TW200 Swingarm Pivot Bushings? How often are you suppose to grease your TDUB Pivot Bushings? Do you even know what we are talking about here? Do you know where your Yamaha TW200’s Swingarm Pivot Bushings are located on the motorcycle? What lubricate to use? READ ON! According to[ Full Article ]


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While out riding, I noticed a clanking noise: The TW200’s kickstand spring is wearing through the striker plate and allowing the kickstand to boing-boing-boing all down the trail! In my “brilliance” (HA! RIGHT!) I had to fix this right then and there – on the trail! It was very annoying though, and could have[ Full Article ]

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