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KTM invades the TDUB CLUB? Will GCRad1 switch brands – trade up? Tall-Tire TDUB or 2-Stroke?

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My boss at Red Line Land Cruisers recently relinquished his old XR200 and graduated to a 2007 KTM XC300W 2-stroke dirt bike. But before he could ride the bike, he and family went on vacation so I took it for a day in the woods with my co-worker who also rides a KTM 300 2-stroke.[ Full Article ]

Riding 2Up to the 101st running of the Pikes Peak Hill Climb 2023 – Race to the Clouds!

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Wifey and I rode 2UP on the tiny 196cc Yamaha TW200 up to the 101st running of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb aka RACE TO THE CLOUD! PPHC is the second oldest motorsport event in the USA and now that we live here in Colorado Springs, Pike Peak is literally in my backyard! I[ Full Article ]

Hauled the Yamaha TW200 on the ADV80 out to ride around at King Of The Hammers 2020


I have been going to King Of The Hammers (KOH) each for work since 2012, but for 2020 I was a “civilian” with no duties, no time constraints and free to roam! This year I would be taking the ADV80 (as always) and hauling out my Yamaha TW200. While I had already been hauling the[ Full Article ]

Fathers Day at Dragonman’s Moto Course on a TW200 – Yamaha TDUB Club

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During the Father’s Day weekend (June 19, 2022), my boss at Red Line Land Cruisers invited me out with his boys for a day of moto at Dragonman’s Moto Course. This course is great for kids, vintage bikes and especially the limited travel of the Yamaha TW200 with it’s MASSIVE 6″ of travel! hehehe It[ Full Article ]

TW200 – Captain Jack / Old Stage / Gold Camp – Colorado Springs Dual Sport Video – Yamaha TDUB Club

Screen Shot 2021 10 17 at 10.04.48 PM

Just adding more dirt to my fat stubby Yamaha TW200 tires in the “new-to-me” Colorado Springs area, riding from my house to the trails. Trying to explore as “local” as I can to become more acquainted with the trails that are closest to me. It’s a process – A couple of repeat’s but both ways[ Full Article ]

TW200 – Gold Camp to Old Stage Road Loop – Colorado Springs Dual Sport – Yamaha TDUB Club

IMG 6581 copy

Yes, it’s been a while since my last outing as life is not always so simple! But I got luckily and scratched a quick hot lap in for myself! SUPER EXCITED! With very little time I wanted to explore a section I had seen while hiking with my mom as I was surprised to see[ Full Article ]

Colorado Springs 2 Woodland Park 2 Monument – 1st Dirt road Yamaha TDUB Club in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Screen Shot 2021 08 09 at 5.45.04 PM

From California to Alabama to Colorado Springs inside of 10-months! 2020 – 2021 is proving to be a “WILD TIMES!” July 2021 – Upon talking to my coworkers here in Colorado Springs, they said to hit Rampart FIRST! I like to get my local bearings for my new-to-me local terrain before exploring out. I was[ Full Article ]

Gathering Of The Goats 2 (DAY 2) TW200 Dual Sport Ride from Mountain View Motorcycle Campground, NC

Screen Shot 2021 07 17 at 9.19.31 AM 2 copy

DAY-2 Video from the Spring Edition of Gathering Of The Goats (2) April 23-25, 2021 held out of the Mountain View Motorcycle Campground in Elk Park, North Carolina. Gathering of the Goats event was created to be primarily a TW200 event, but all dual sport and adventure riders are welcome to attend. Two gathering will[ Full Article ]

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