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This is a video showing some of type of terrain we will be riding during our TW200 Camp & Ride. YAMAHA TDUB CLUB CAMP & RIDE MARCH 27-28th, 2021 AT LITTLE RIVER ADVENTURE COMPANY: Did you see our Little River Adventure Company / DESTINATION YAMAHA ALABAMA – An Interview with Giorgio Torregrosa: #TW200[ Full Article ]

Little River ADV Company / Destination Yamaha Alabama – Interview with Giorgio Torregrosa

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Upon moving to Alabama, I started looking for all things “Yamaha” “dualsport” and “adventure” and Facebook it a good networking tool for such searches. What I came across was the Little River Adventure Company / Destination Yamaha. > Facebook:> Website:> Yamaha Destination Little River ADV Co. I was so taken back by the[ Full Article ]

TDUB CLUB CAMP & RIDE At Little River Adventure Company – Fort Payne, Alabama – March 27-28th, 2021

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ALL EVENT INFO will be posted Within Yamaha TW200 World Group Page (Must Be A Member To See Info): ALL EVENT INFO will be posted Within Yamaha TW200 World Group Page (Must Be A Member To See Info): ALL EVENT INFO will be posted Within Yamaha TW200 World Group Page (Must Be A[ Full Article ]

BUSHWHACKING! A little quicky – quicky TW200 Ride + Dirt Roading + Abandon Building Creep + Trail ..

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Some days, you just have this idea in your head that you are going to just bushwhack your way through an area, almost lost the *iPhone (but did loose the case!), scout an abandoned building, blast a dirt road, talk to a local fisherman and come up on some random ridable terrain different from everything[ Full Article ]

Motorcycling Alabama: 50 Ride Loops through the Heart of Dixie

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The definitive guide to motorcycling Alabama by David Haynes  Motorcycling Alabama is a much-needed guidebook for one of the most beautiful states to explore on two wheels. From the rocky outcrops of the Appalachian plateau to the sugar-white beaches and teal waters of the Gulf of Mexico, Alabama is a rider’s paradise. PURCHASE HERE:Motorcycling Alabama: 50 Ride[ Full Article ]

RAM MOUNT X-GRIP Devise Mount For Handlebars

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Navigation on your motorcycle may have you wanting a secure way to mount your mobile / navigation devise to your handlebars. I fought it for a few years, pulling my phone out of my pocket at every turn! While attending the Long Beach International Motorcycle Show, I looked at every GPS and cellular devise mount[ Full Article ]

GCRad1 Yamaha TDUB Club Connecting Trails in the Talladega National Forest – The Dirt Way – Cheaha

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Just adding more routes on my GPSkit collection in my attempt to put together the most “DIRT WAY POSSIBLE” through the Talladega National Forest – tip to tip! The Talladega National Forest is located in the state of Alabama and covers 392,567 acres (613.39 sq mi, or 1,588.66 km2) at the southern edge of the Appalachian Mountains. 07:07 Gear Ratio – Blog[ Full Article ]


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YAMAHA TW200 TRAILWAY 1st Gen: 1987 – 1988 1987 2JY-24110-00-01 TW200 Fuel Tank Graphic Red Set UR FOR W/CPR 1987 2JX-24240-10-00 TW200 Fuel Tank Graphic Blue Set UR FOR W/FWB1988 2YG-24240-00-00 TW200 GRAPHIC SET | UR FOR W/CPR1988 2YG-24240-10-00 TW200 GRAPHIC SET | UR FOR YB/CPR YAMAHA TW200 TRAILWAY 2nd Gen: 1989 1989 2YG-24240-10-00 TW200 GRAPHIC SET[ Full Article ]

TDUB CLUB HAT – Gray DUB Matter – Full Crown Trucker

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FINALLY! WE HAVE A TDUB CLUB HAT! But a hat is just a hat is a hat!But this hat is a hat for us, the TDUB CLUB. Are you picking up on the Cat In The Hat? This hat is the TDUB Club – Gray Dub Matter Colorway in a Full Crown Trucker. See Details Here:[ Full Article ]

Front Fork Oil Replacement / Service – Yamaha TW200

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What makes this job easy is the Motion Pro 08-0121 Fork Oil Level Tool! The Motion Pro Fork Oil Level Tool is for checking and adjusting the oil level on all conventional and single chamber cartridge forks. The adjustable ring will measure oil levels from 0 to 300 millimeter in 0.5 centimeter increments syringe has[ Full Article ]

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