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Gathering Of The Goats 2 (DAY 1) TW200 Dual Sport Ride from Mountain View Motorcycle Campground, NC

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DAY-1 Video from the Spring Edition of Gathering Of The Goats (2) April 23-25, 2021 held out of the Mountain View Motorcycle Campground in Elk Park, North Carolina. Gathering of the Goats event was created to be primarily a TW200 event, but all dual sport and adventure riders are welcome to attend. Two gathering will[ Full Article ]

NEW HOME BASE for Yamaha TDUB Club – GCRad1 Ride Along VLOG to New Job on his Yamaha TW200!

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Yes folks, TDUB CLUB’s GCRad1 has relocated from Alabama to a new location shown in the video! We were only in Alabama for 9-months as we had moved from California, but it was a good 9-months in the home state of Alabama! BUT NOW – NEW LOCATION! ALSO – T-SHIRTS ARE FINISHED and while be[ Full Article ]

REQUIRED READING: 50 Years of Sundays: “On Any Sunday” Will Change Your Life

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Just go READ IT! Required reading from our friends at WE WENT FAST! READ IT! Δ GO READ IT! Δ GO READ IT! Δ GO READ IT! Δ GO READ IT! Δ GO READ IT! Δ @WeWentFast asked to share our On Any Sunday Story. We wrote, but this is an edited version – My[ Full Article ]



Let’s do this! We are ready to make our first TDUB CLUB T-SHIRT! BUT, we do not want to go broke over-ordering because these items are expensive and we don’t want to make more waste than need be, so these items are PRE-ORDER ONLY! We are doing sizes; Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, 2X-Large and 3X-Large.[ Full Article ]

Chasing The Skyway Epic 120-Mile Bicycle Endurance Race On A Yamaha TW200

IG Skyway Epic 1

The Skyway Epic is a Mountain Bike endurance race in the Talladega National Forest of Alabama starting and finishing on the stellar Sylaward Trail at Lake Howard located in Sylacauga, Alabama. The race has 60 & 120 mile options with 10-miles of singletrack, 10,000-feet of climbing and dirt two track that runs along the spine[ Full Article ]

MAIER USA Aftermarket Plastics For Yamaha TW200

BLOG 500X500JayPeeGee

This is strictly a visual experimentation as I just added new all white aftermarket replacement plastics from MAIER USA to match my white Clarke 2.7-gallon fuel tank. This 2016 Yamaha TW200 was previously caught between colors! The 2016 Yamaha TW200 comes with a blue tank, blue front fender and blue headlight shell. But it comes with[ Full Article ]

TW200 Market Watch: Keeping An Eye On The Yamaha TW200 In The Mainstream Media

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Written by Sam Berube of HotCars.comPublished: 04/08/2021Source Link: This Is What Makes The Yamaha TW200 A Good Trail Bike Love this comment! “Highway speeds are possible, but the TW will get there with the reluctance of a toddler told to finish a cold plate of Brussels sprouts if he wants dessert.” “You’ll almost wish[ Full Article ]

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