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Motocamp trip from Costa Mesa, CA to Big Bear, CA and back on the Yamaha TW200 – 339 miles RoundTrip

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Motocamp trip from Costa Mesa to Big Bear and back on the Yamaha TW200 – 339 miles RoundTrip Quick clip collection from a 2-day moto camp with a total of 339 miles round trip from Costa Mesa, California, to Big Bear, California, and back on the Yamaha TW200! The second day was the big day[ Full Article ]

TDUBFEST Sunday Part 1

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Day 4 of riding for me, Sunday, September 17th, 23023! For the first portion of the morning, I putt-putt around camp on the TDUB, and wiggle around the rocks that make up “Little Moab” before heading over to Dual Dorks camp. As most people are breaking camp, Dual Dorks and I are going to strike[ Full Article ]

TDUBFEST Saturday – Itchy Knobbies 2023

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The Saturday of TDUBFEST was a mixed bag of fruit of activities as we had the guys from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC out for some fun-filled TDUB GAMES as seen in the previous video: – After those events, most everyone had itchy knobbies and was ready to ride! Dustin of Dual Dorks and I headed[ Full Article ]


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TDUB GAMES at TDUBFEST, SlowDub Drags, 1Up & 2Up Circle Of Doom + Hill Climb Saturday – Yamaha TDUB Club Saturday, ( September 16, 2023) Day 2 of TDUBFEST, held at Little Moab, Utah, started with the Rocky Mountain ATV/MC crew arriving aboard their TW200s! RMATVMC is in nearby Payson, Utah, so the crew road[ Full Article ]

TDUBFEST 2023 Friday Part 2

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Part 2 of Friday’s continuation picks up from the “Yellow Tracktor” mine, off to lunch at B’s Hangout back down the hill into Eureka, Utah. After lunch, we rode out to the Tintic Railroad Tunnel and led the small TDUBBERZ crew back to camp. Several groups were out riding; this was just the small group[ Full Article ]

TDUBFEST 2023 – Thursday Scouting


Thursday, September 14th, 2023, would be my first day at TDUBFEST. I started my trip to TDUBFEST (Little Moab, Utah) from Colorado Springs, Colorado, on Tuesday, the week of the event, and that was documented here:   I had a company to visit before the event in nearby Provo, Utah. I had enough time[ Full Article ]

TDUBFEST 2023 – Little Moab, Utah


September 15 – 17, 2023 • Finally – It’s official! TDUBFEST is happening! Matt of Mobstreet83 has picked Little Moab, Utah, for the location of TDUBFEST, and Yamaha TDUB Club is 100% committed to attending! Little Moab, located between Eureka and Provo, Utah, holds great riding with lots to explore. Little Moab is a favorite among[ Full Article ]

First Dirt Tubeless Ride on the TW200 – Righteous Access – Gold Camp Road Trail – Colorado Springs

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Finally hitting the dirt with the newly converted to tubeless rear tire on the TW200! The HOW I DID IT VIDEO is located here: TW200 Tubeless Tire Conversion –  HOW…   ). With the Yamaha TW200 rear wheel converted to tubeless I wanted to take a quick lap and go test it out! I headed for Gold Camp Road Trail that[ Full Article ]

TW200 Oil Change & Hailed On! Yamaha TDUB Club

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As I am about to put the newly converted to tubeless rear wheel on the TW200, it needs an oil change and I want to add Ride-On Tire Sealant & Balancer before I finish the install. Here is the HOW TO TUBELESS CONVERSION video:    • TW200 Tubeless Tire Conversion –  HOW…   ••• I performed my oil change at work as I am[ Full Article ]

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