The Yamaha TW200 is like every other dual sport motorcycle on the market in that it allows you to travel from one location, such as your house to a more remote location such as the forest, desert, mountains or even into the city. The key word in that sentence is “travel” thus meaning you will be out on your motorcycle for an extend period of time. Extended periods of time will have you exposed to heat or cold, and not matter which one, you NEED HYDRATION!


The act of carrying water while pursing an activity came once I started mountain-biking somewhere around 1988-89, with original introduction of the GT Karakoram II. Yes, I started with down-tube water-bottle cages, but soon after and luckily for me, Camelbak started in 1989 as well! I remember their first one well! It was a black bag with small black shoulder straps and velcro across the top for the closure. It was a straight-edge rectangular sleeve with a matching inner-bladder with a tube to slurp water from making it a “HANDS-FREE” hydration pack! That was the “hype” back then, ride and drink at the same time without having to fiddle with down-tube water bottles!

CamelBak Orig blk highres 1
This an 25th Anniversary example as my original version did not have the fancy screen printed graphics on it.


In 1989, CamelBak founder Michael Eidson was competing in the “Hotter ‘n Hell 100” bike race in Wichita Falls, Texas. Eidson, who was an EMT by trade, filled an IV bag with water and stuck it in a tube sock. He then pinned the tube sock to the back of his jersey, pulled the tube over his shoulder, and secured it with a clothes pin. Within a few months, he brought the idea to Roger Fawcett, who tested it in scientific studies, and began selling the first CamelBak product, the ThermalBak, which was at first failing because cyclists thought it looked “geeky”. Most road-bikers are very traditionalist, thus frowning on such new ideas. After almost giving up, Fawcett decided to spend his last $50,000 on an advertising agency and marketing the product. Barbara Mizuno came up with the slogan “Hydrate or Die”, and sales skyrocketed, but too, the emerging mountain bike market was very open to new ideas unlike the road bike market.


YAMAHA TW200's First Big Bear Run August 6th, 2017 / Camelbak KUDU 12 Hydration pack

The Camelbak I am currently using is the KUDU 12 Hydration Pack released in 2016. Yes, this is technically a “mountain biking” hydration pack and has proven rugged enough to also withstand my dual sport moto pursuits! The photo above was shot in August of 2017 and I am still using it as my primary moto-hydration pack in 2021. Here is a nice review of the KUDU 12 Hydration Pack from Bermstyle – SEPTEMBER 29, 2016 by Jason Van Horn:


Harness: Independent suspension™ with ultra light 3d mesh
Torso length: 16.5 in (42cm)
Belt/Sizing: Load bearing with cargo pockets & two-layered mesh/fits 26-46” (66-115cm
Dimensions: 10 x 8 x 21 in (25 x 21 x 54cm)
Pack Weight: 2 lbs. 13.8 oz.
*Gear Capacity: 549 cubic inches
Total Capacity: 610 cu in/9l + (3l reservoir)
Fabric: Dual slider™ sternum straps
Fabric: 770d/140d block dobby nylon, 420d bontex nylon


For moto, you need both hydration capacity and storage! As noted above, “*Gear Capacity: 549 cubic inches” in my opinion is as about as small of a bag as you want. Why? You need to carry stuff! What do I carry in my 549-cubic inch bag? First and foremost is the 3L water bladder and typically I add Hammer Nutrition HEED electrolytes in the water.

• snacks: Clif Bars and or any that I have supply on.
• AEROSTITCH stuff sack:
• wide brim hat
• long sleeve thermal shirt
• cold weather gloves
• 5.11 Tactical ABR Packable Operator Jacket:
• long johns
• first aid bag
• flashlight
• latex gloves
• toilet paper
• Zip Ties
• Cell Phone cord & power block
• Bicycle Pump


Since the 2016 Camelbak KUDU 12 is no longer in production, which should you choose? Note back to that *Gear Capacity of 549 cubic inches. If you are planning long days deep in the forest or desert, you want both the hydration capacity and storage capacity.

08L: CamelBak Mule Hydration Pack with 100oz (3.0L) Mil-Spec Crux Reservoir – Gear Capacity: 8L / 488.19 cu in
11L: M.U.L.E. Pro 14 100oz – Gear Capacity: 11L / 670 cu in
20L: CamelBak H.A.W.G. LR 20 100oz Hydration Pack – Gear Capacity: 20L / 1220 cu. in.
23L: Camelbak H.A.W.G Mil Spec Antidote Hydration Backpack – Gear Capacity: 23L / 1400 cu in

Screen Shot 2021 04 14 at 11.16.18 PM
See These Camelbak Hydration Packs At Yamaha TDUB Club Amazon Store


Are you like me and trying to stretch every inch of life out of your old Camelbak?
• Camelbak Pure Flow Replacement Tube, Blue, One Size
• Camelbak Ergo HydroLock
• Big Bite 4-Pack Replacement Valves


CamelBak Reservoir Cleaning Brush Kit, Grey, One Size
CamelBak Reservoir Dryer, Grey, One Size


How to Clean your Camelbak Hydration Bladder Hygiene

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