Some days, you just have this idea in your head that you are going to just bushwhack your way through an area, almost lost the *iPhone (but did loose the case!), scout an abandoned building, blast a dirt road, talk to a local fisherman and come up on some random ridable terrain different from everything else you’ve ridden. ALL IN JUST A COUPLE OF HOURS! Life in the country!

*The RAM MOUNT X-GRIP is an awesome mount! I do have the additional “rubber band” but if I had it on at the moment the tree limb got it, it may have broken the screen of the phone. My phone case was on it’s last leg anyhow, so replacing that is OK. Luckily I saw it when I did (hanging by the charge cord – WOW!!!!) or I would have been hunting it down “needle-in-the-haystack” style! PURE COMEDY!!!

IMG 9700 copy

We took our original TDUB Club logo (TDC) and made a small patch that is not too “loud” and not the yellow that we’ve used in the original logo as well. Yes, yellow because we are old school Yamaha fans from the OG Speed Blocks era! See Details Here:


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