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Costa Mesa to Anza Borrego MotoCamping on a TW200

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Take a ride with me! 3-Days & 448-Miles Round Trip / THREE VIDEOS! With a 3-day weekend, it’s time for a moto camping trip! I rode my tiny 196cc Yamaha TW200 from Costa Mesa, California to Anza Borrego State Park, California, roughly 135-miles away. This trip was not really about the destination, but more about[ Full Article ]

Calico Mountains without my GoPro and visiting HUSKY Monument

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We covered some desert today! Ticked ☑️: Owl Canyon, Black Mountain, Wilderness, Grass Valley Wilderness, Husky Monument and back. Roughly 74-miles. Then we added another 23-miles running all around Waterman Hills. Yesterday was another 31-miles with a late start, up in Fort Erwin. SEE TillDeathDualUsSports VIDEO OF OUR RIDE:


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WINTERIZE YOUR YAMAHA TW200 for cold weather winter adventures! Prepping the Yamaha TW200 for some cold weather adventure riding! HIPPO HANDS hand-guards aid the hands against the effects of wind chill. Stay outside in the cold, riding longer and don’t lose digits to frostbite! And they attach to the bike super-quick and they attach OVER[ Full Article ]

It’s Desert Season! 2 Days of TDUBBIN with GCRad1 & TillDeathDualUsSport! Yamaha TDUB Club – TW200

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6-Video Series! Video 001: Part 001: This video is of day-1, with 108-miles collected across the desert from New Jack City in Lucerne Valley to the dormant volcano in Pisgah, California. The rain from the previous weeks with the addition of the storm the day before, made for some awesome conditions as we had very[ Full Article ]

Why Fasthouse Saddleback Park T-Shirt is my favorite!

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Lets first start with the HISTORY Saddleback Motocross Park (1967-1984), is possibly the most famous and photographed track in the sport of motocross. The track is often referred to as the “mecca” of Moto Cross, and more national stars emerged from Saddleback than any other track in the country! Saddleback was the first park in[ Full Article ]


3.The GCRAD1 Spec 2016 Yamaha TW200 Escapades of the GCRAD1 Yamaha TW200 copy scaled 1

YAMAHA TW200’s TO BIG BEAR – Aug 7th, 2017 For my first dirt trip on the TW200, my buddies and I planned a little ride from Riverside, CA to Big Bear and back making use of the surface streets for the tarmac transits. It’s roughly 22-miles from our starting point, the Pedals Bike Shop (Riverside)[ Full Article ]

TDUBFactoryFX – Contest Time!

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For all of you who have supported the TW200 TDUB CLUB with a previous patch purchase, I have a little contest for you! WHAT DO YOU WIN? Let’s just say that I have a very nice jacket that I ordered and it runs rather large! I ordered a size Large and it fits me like[ Full Article ]

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