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GCRad1 breaks down the aftermarket accessories on his 2016 Yamaha TW200. PARTS / LINKS: The skid plate is listed first (01) as this should be the first thing you do to your TW200. Here is why: 01: SKID PLATE: Ricochet TW200 Skid Plate 02: BAR RISERS: Pro Taper Universal 1-1/8″ Solid Handlebar Mounts 03:[ Full Article ]

TW200 – Gaerne Oiled Balance Boots – Yamaha TDUB Club

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Yes, we’ve previously published a blog post on boots that ended with the Gaerne Balance Oiled Boot – BOOTS 4 TDUBBIN! So you’re not seeing double… but you do have two feet… With that, this is a dedicated post solely to the Gaerne Oiled Balance Boots. Why? BECAUSE! Simply stated, the Gaerne Balance Oiled Boots[ Full Article ]

The Many Faces of the Yamaha TW200


The Yamaha TW200 was introduced in 1987 and as of April 2020, the 196cc street-legal dual-sport motorcycle is still in production and still made in Japan! With 33-years of a relatively unchanged platform, the uniquely fitted fat-tired motorcycle has developed a bit of cult-like following around the world. With that, the Yamaha TW200 has also[ Full Article ]

How I packed for 3-days of Moto Camping

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See Pack List With Links & Weights Below Packing for a moto camping trip can be a bit of a challenge at first. But if you have some traditional backpacking under your belt, then you have a jump-start on the basics of what you need; food – water -shelter. If you do not have the[ Full Article ]

FINDING TRAILS – RESOURCES; Paper Maps, GPS & Navigation


Looking for trails in your area or out of your area? “As the crow flys,” not good enough? Here is a collection of videos and websites to help get you into the unknown or connect that section of dirt to another section of dirt! Scouting, exploring, location, location, location! MAPS MAPS MAPS!! It’s all about[ Full Article ]

Yamaha TW200 Evolution of Suspension & TCS Powersports SUS-Massage

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First, let’s establish what Yamaha has in the mighty little TW200. Aside from the iconic fat tires, it has that signature low-seat height of 31.1-inches strapped to a 196cc single-cylinder engine, complete with turn signals and a license plate! All relatively unchanged since the introduction in 1987! We discuss some of these differences between the[ Full Article ]



ALL-TIME FAVORITE MOTORCYCLE GRIP!!! Why? Comfortable, cushy and cuts a lot of harmonic vibration! And with the limited suspension travel of the Yamaha TW200, the Pro Grips 714 Rally Grips offer just a bit more cushioning that is transferred directly through the handlebars! HOW? Popular pimple design. Large diameter for maximum comfort made with Pro[ Full Article ]

Yamaha TDUB Club – Beeks Place to Santiago Canyon / Santa Ana Mountains

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From either side of Saddleback within the Santa Ana Mountains, going out to Beeks Places is an out-and-back affair. But it is a worthwhile affair providing you have the time! Hopefully, you watched the previous video as I have some history info about Beeks Place in the description over there. I rode a little more[ Full Article ]

TW200 – Dirt Road from Santiago Peak to Beeks Place


Riding solo today and still getting over this cold, but I “gotta” RIDE! This video is running the spine of the Santa Ana Mountains, from Santiago Peak (the tallest point) to Beeks Place. Beeks Place is very interesting in that the ruins are what is left of a building belonging to a Mr. Joseph “Joe” Beek,[ Full Article ]

TW200 up on SoCal’s Saddleback


Riding in the Santa Ana Mountains Riding the Yamaha TW200 from Costa Mesa, California up to Saddleback within the Santa Ana Mountains, touching both Modjeska Peak and Santiago Peak.  It’s roughly 27-miles from my house to the “Big White Gate” at the trailhead at Maple Springs Visitor Center located in Silverado Canyon. If the “Big[ Full Article ]

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