Hauled the Yamaha TW200 on the ADV80 out to ride around at King Of The Hammers 2020


I have been going to King Of The Hammers (KOH) each for work since 2012, but for 2020 I was a “civilian” with no duties, no time constraints and free to roam! This year I would be taking the ADV80 (as always) and hauling out my Yamaha TW200. While I had already been hauling the[ Full Article ]

What Should Your First Motorcycle Be? Van Neistat say’s Yamaha TW200!

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“THE TDUB IS A TERRIFIC BIKE!” “If you are looking for a first bike, man or woman, go with the TW200!” For me personally, I am feeling as though the TDUB is also the perfect “last bike!” But aside from my personal opinion about the Yamaha TW200 (See more about that at the bottom of[ Full Article ]

TW200 on Colorado’s 717 Trails Oct 2022 – Yamaha TDUB Club

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YES!!! FINALLY GOT A RIDE IN!!! It’s been a year of minimal riding and major work on the house while working my full-time job! But this weekend was the boss’s BDAY and we got to get out and ride! Previously while out 4WD dirt roading, I had been noticing this 717-Trail System just outside Woodland[ Full Article ]

Fathers Day at Dragonman’s Moto Course on a TW200 – Yamaha TDUB Club

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During the Father’s Day weekend (June 19, 2022), my boss at Red Line Land Cruisers invited me out with his boys for a day of moto at Dragonman’s Moto Course. This course is great for kids, vintage bikes and especially the limited travel of the Yamaha TW200 with it’s MASSIVE 6″ of travel! hehehe It[ Full Article ]


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Chuck Neese, of whom I met while living in Alabama during 2021, is on a big road trip that had him in Colorado during the month of June, 2022. He gave me a call once he was in range of Colorado Springs as he was RV camping just outside of Woodland Park, close proximity to[ Full Article ]

Time To Replace Your Front Brake Disc Rotor 5XT-2582T-00 Yamaha TW200 – When & How

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When the Yamaha TW200 received an upgraded braking “system” for the 2001 year model, it came with mixed reviews as some love the old school front drum brake. Others rejoiced at the new-tech hydraulic disc brake upgrade, after a solid 14-years of a drum brake! BUT too, the bike only received the stopping power of[ Full Article ]

The Yamaha TW200 Battery – OEM Stock Specification / Maintenance & Aftermarket Replacement

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Your factory Yamaha TW200 battery should last you a great amount of time, but all depending on how well you maintain the battery. The longer you can keep your TDUB’s battery functioning properly, the less frequently you’ll need to replace it. Not to mention the frustration of hoping on and finding you have a dead[ Full Article ]

HAPPY 35th BDAY YAMAHA TW200! 1987 – 2022!

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THE Yamaha TW200 turns 35-years old this year (2022) as the Yamaha mini dual sport hit the market in 1987! HAPPY 35TH BIRTHDAY TW200! 1987 – Introduction1988 – 1-Year Old1989 – 2-Years Old1990 – 3-Years Old1991 – 4-Years Old1992 – 5-Years Old1993 – 6-Years Old1994 – 7-Years Old1995 – 8-Years Old1996 – 9-Years Old1997 –[ Full Article ]

Why Use RIDE-ON Tire Balancer & Sealant For Your Yamaha TW200

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Let’s just say I’ve had my fair share of flat tires on my Yamaha TW200 riding experiences! The first flat tire came around the 3,000-mile mark and was on the front stock Bridgestone TW31. I wrote about the experience on the TW200 forum in the post: Commute to work & back over Saddleback Yamaha TW200[ Full Article ]

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