Aftermarket necessities, performance mods or esthetic farkle, no matter what you call them, we just can’t help ourselves. WE LOVE TO MODIFY!

GCRad1 2016 Yamaha TW200 Mini Dual Sport Side View - Moto Camping - Cycle Racks rear rack & Man Racks front rack

You get your TW200 home, get a couple of rides under your belt, and start thinking about what you can do to improve your new motorcycle! Maybe it ergonomics, performance, and even esthetics; they are all valid points of consideration. Hopefully, we can help provide some food for thought and some snack ideas to chew on!

Ergonomics РPerformance РEsthetics

Let’s face it, you didn’t buy this motorcycle for its sheer power and performance capabilities. Yet some try to hot rod it and or expect 70-mph all day long out of the tiny 196cc engine. Hopefully, you bought it for the fun factor or maybe the budget factor. For us, there are three keys or categories of aftermarket to address for our Yamaha TW200’s; Ergonomics, Performance and Esthetics.

We Know Performance Is Everyone’s FAV!

Performance modifications can go in a few different ways; gearing changes, suspension upgrades, skid plates, and protection items. But lets face it! You didn’t buy the TW200 for it’ sheer raw ripping performance! But we love to try a little here and there!

I am also including “protection items” in the “Performance” category as they help protect the overall “performance” of the motorcycle. Oh, yea, and exhaust! We all love the #BRAAAP! The TW200 has a very limited option pool to choose from within each of those sub-categories! Also too, each mod has its trade-off to consider against the intended performance modification desired.

2 2018 yamaha tw200 blueprint original artwork for man cave decoration gift for biker pablo franchi 1 1

Ergonomics is where it’s at!

Ergonomics is the working cockpit of your motorcycle and its overall fitment is something well worth working on. Fine-tune the fit and feel specific to you and chances are you’re more likely to spend more time riding! We come in all sizes, the bike only comes in one size! Your “controls” are your items to fine-tune to your fitment with handlebars, levers, grips, and footpegs; with bars and pegs being the top two items people address first.

Esthetics Is So Personal

The esthetics of the Yamaha TW200 might be what originally caught your eye, with its very distinguished looks. Why not add a little personalization! Do you simply like the bike for its mechanical functions or see it as a “blank white canvas!” Are you “the function is the fashion” type or are you taking the dual-sport motorcycle far beyond its original packaging?

I will create sub-blogs and link them below to discuss how I built my Yamaha TW200 and will discuss how I choose what parts, why, which parts I should have started with, and most importantly – why! I purchased footpegs first and should have purchased the skid plate first!

Ergonomics footpegs, handlebars, 7/8″ Bar Swap, 1-1/8″ Bar Swap, risers, grips, mirrors, hand warmers, seat, etc.
Performance skidplate, tires, Shinko 241 Front Tire, Suspension, Gear Change, exhaust, handguards, Tool Roll
MOTO CAMPINGRear Rack, Soft Saddlebags, How I Packed – 3-Days
Esthetics – graphics, colors, extensive modifications


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